Lucky Me

Sometimes when thrifting, you just get lucky. Such is the case with this recent find, a Chico’s Zenergy jacket.

2017-10-06 10.10.57

Now, as you all know, Chico’s is pretty pricey, even at the thrift store, in this case, at Goodwill.

All the Chico’s items I ran across that day were priced at $15.99…except this one.

It was marked at only $7.99. I shopped on a day it was 40% off and scored it for $4.79!

2017-10-06 10.11.09

As blingy as it is on the front is as plain as it is on the back.


2017-10-06 10.11.00


Underneath I kept is super simple with this white top I picked up at Marshall’s.

2017-10-06 10.11.34

That plain white tee cost me DOUBLE what I paid for my jacket.


2017-10-06 10.10.57


Have I inspired you to start thrifting yet???


Blue Mood

Why am I in a blue mood, you ask?

It’s because I shopped retail at Zara for this ‘trendy’ shirt and I don’t like it!!

2017-10-02 11.27.37

Yes, of course it was on sale, but for what I paid I could have gotten at least four shirts at the thrift!


2017-10-02 11.25.21


Instead, let’s talk about the part of the outfit I DO like…

2017-10-02 11.26.46

This Missco Hisakazu Takada handbag


was more in my price range.

It was $3.00.

The bandana was an even better purchase.

55 cents at an estate sale.

2017-10-02 11.27.00

I don’t have buyers remorse over either of those purchases.

Have you ever had buyers remorse?

Sweater Weather

It FINALLY got cold enough to break out a sweater, leggings and boots here in Vegas!

2017-09-22 10.45.55

2017-09-22 10.45.37


I thrifted this sweater in June at the GW on Rt 62 in Ohio.


I was thrifting with my sister (who turns 51 today!) and my BF Roberta.

I actually gave my friend first dibs on this but she passed.


The brand is Chatoyant and it’s one of the softest sweaters I own. It’s like wearing a hug.

2017-09-22 10.46.04

Check out what a similar style was selling for.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 8.52.13 PM

Regular $89.00 and selling for $23.00!

I paid four bucks.


Roses are Red

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom lately. In fact, one month from today, it will be twenty years since she passed away.

So today, I decided to wear some of her jewelry that was passed down to me along with this red rose shirt I scored at H&M for 15% off because I donated a bag of clothes!

That’s right, H&M will give you a 15% off coupon when you donate a bag of clothing. The cashier must have liked me because she hooked me up with like, 4 or 5 coupons!


Shout out to my sister for telling me about this donation program!

For some reason, this shirt reminded me of my childhood.

2017-10-01 11.23.24

I’m not sure why.

Hmm…it just dawned on me that my dad loves to grow roses. He even has a rose garden, still to this day.


The three strands of pearls? They all belonged to my mom. One of the strands is from her wedding day.

2017-10-01 11.23.39



Since red is THE color of the season, I decided to go all in!

2017-10-01 11.20.32

2017-10-01 11.23.15



I do love these red Old Navy Rockstar jeans, but these shoes, that I paid $19.59 for from the Dillard’s Clearance center…I really, REALLY, don’t like!!

2017-10-01 11.21.53

The brand is Gianni Bini, which is normally a really good brand, and the regular cost of these shoes were $79.99, so I thought I was getting a really good deal. NOT! They are the flimsiest shoes I have ever worn. Seriously, it’s like they are made out of cardboard. The fact that I really don’t like red shoes (I have no idea why) probably doesn’t help either.


How about we talk about this fab vintage white wicker handbag I scored!

2017-10-01 11.20.14
Wedding rings and Class ring are my mom’s. Bracelet is from an Estate sale : $3.50



This is an original Roger Van S bag from the 1960’s (if my research is correct)


This is an ad I found for a similar Roger Van S bag selling on Etsy for $30.00

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.57.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.56.35 PM

I love researching items I find at the thrift. This husband and wife team started designing handbags in 1945 and won all kinds of fashion awards. They both passed away at the age of 90…him in 2007 and her in 2010.

I found this little gem at the GW on Ft. Apache/Flamingo for just $2.39.

It’s one of my favorite handbag scores, to date.

What is your best handbag score from the thrift?

Helmut Lang Dress

I’ve saved the best for last in my designer dress series!

From the moment I laid eyes on this at my favorite GW in Ohio, I knew it was something special.

Unfortunately, the fit/style/design does nothing for me but I decided to throw it on for some pictures before taking it to the consignment store.

Here goes

2017-08-24 11.38.04 copy

2017-08-24 11.38.48

This dress is all about the details!!

The texture, the asymmetrical cut, the sheer insets, this dress has it all!

2017-08-24 11.39.32

2017-08-24 11.40.26

2017-08-24 11.39.50

2017-08-24 11.38.34

2017-08-24 11.38.24

I remember exactly how much this dress cost…$8.99!

I was upset because I thought it was pretty pricey and this particular GW doesn’t offer discounts.

How much is my friend selling it for at the consignment store, you ask?

The answer isΒ  $67.00!

Fingers crossed that it sells!



Carmen Marc Valvo Dress

Today’s designer dress is one that I thought for sure I would wear.


2017-08-24 11.14.44 copy

Hmm…in this photo it doesn’t look half bad but IRL, it’s not so good.


2017-08-24 11.15.12 copy

Notice how I’m using the clutch to conceal my stomach.



This super cute Kate Landry leopard clutch…

2017-08-24 11.18.42

is a $12.00 score from Clothes Mentor in Howland Ohio where I actually met one of my followers (Hi Mary) along with several relatives I had never met before!


The bracelet is also an Ohio score. It’s from GW and it’s Rachel Zoe (NWT) for only $2.50!

Getting back to the dress…

Once again, I think I paid around $7.00 for this.

I found it selling on line for

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.57.16 PM

You can buy mine at Trading Labels for $42.00.



Designer Dress Week

It’s here…Designer dress week on the blog!



This week I’m showing you designer dresses that I purchased OVER A YEAR AGO in Ohio and never wore.

Why didn’t I ever wear these? Well, it’s because I missed that small window of opportunity where they actually fit me.


First up is this cute little dress. I never heard of the brand but it was made in Italy, so…

2017-08-24 11.47.29 copy

2017-08-24 11.47.39


I love this pattern!


2017-08-24 11.48.06

I’m guessing I paid no more than $7.00 for this.


I took all of the dresses I am featuring this week to my favorite consignment store, Trading Labels.

2017-08-24 11.47.53

This dress already sold…for $35.00! It’s a 50-50 split which means I get $17.50 which means I made a profit of $10.50!

Time to go buy a dress that actually fits me!