The Pitfalls of Social Media

Back in June, my images were used to scam a man out of $1500.00, with another $5000.00 being asked for.



The man, from Australia, refused to believe his daughter, when she told him he was being scammed.

His daughter contacted my two boys, through FB, to let them know that my image was being used to scam her father.


Let me back things up…

Over the summer, I Interviewed (here in Vegas) to be a host on JTV. (located in TN)

Not too long after that interview, I received a strange message on FB from a man accusing me of trying to scam him out of $10,000.00

I ignored it because I thought it was a scam.

I kept receiving messages on FB from other men.

Here is one of them.


Did you notice? He is from TN.


So is this fake Driver’s License…

2017-06-25 09.58.20


and this fake profile on this dating website.

2017-06-25 09.58.30

We actually found out the name and email of the man that was being scammed. My husband contacted him.

The man responded with all the information he had on the person running the scam, including numerous badly and SO obviously photo-shopped photos of me.

We turned everything over to the FBI.

Even when faced with the truth, this man was still holding out hope that he wasn’t being scammed.

I hope his daughter convinced him otherwise…





That’s how I felt when I wore this outfit to a recent Holiday party.

2017-12-16 17.29.24
Jones New York turtleneck : $7.99Β  Β  Β  Β Vintage clutch : $7.99


*Did you notice the red nails??!!

I was trying to look festive in my all black ensemble.


This look is really all about the skirt, that makes me feel like a ballerina.


2017-12-16 17.30.16

2017-12-16 17.32.25

This Ann Taylor skirt (12.99) still had the $100 price tag on it. I waited in line for an hour at Savers on Black Friday…just so I could score this for 75% off.

I paid $2.55.

A great price but not worth an hour of my time.


On a side note :

Today at 1PM is Savers Holiday Fashion Show!

8530 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

If you live in Las Vegas please come vote for your favorite model because Savers has a special treat for those in attendance!!












Think Outside the Box

I’m not the most creative person on the planet, but every once in a while I think outside the box when it comes to my accessories.

Case in point, this belt that I scored for just $4.00 during the Black Friday sale at Goodwill.

2017-12-02 12.57.30


I wrapped it around my neck!

You know who was really surprised? The GW employee.

Here’s how I styled it.

2017-12-02 12.54.30

Remember this silver (rubber like) jacket???

I thought I had consigned it, so imagine MY surprise when I found it hanging in the guest bedroom closet!

2017-12-02 12.54.25

2017-12-02 12.54.50

I’m glad I still had it because it is still totally on trend!

Back to the belt/necklace…

2017-12-02 12.57.21

Can you see yourself giving it a try?


Mitch and I are trying to better ourselves in our old age, so we attended a Master Class at B and C Camera here in Vegas.

The guest speaker was a Beauty YouTuber that made it to the big time on (Lifetimes) ‘American Beauty Star’.

2017-12-02 12.31.26

Any guesses on who she is?

I knew, because I watched the show she was on.

Her class was very informative and believe it or not, the 40-50 people there were old, like us!

We learned a lot of ‘techie’ things.

Wait, let me clarify that.

We were told a lot of ‘techie’ things but we barely understood any of it.

2017-12-02 14.11.57

Did you figure out who she is?


She’s Tyme the Infamous!


All Around the House

The other night we met up with some friends, so I decided to wear a ‘new to me’ cozy sweater.

So, of course I wanted a photo of me wearing it and that is when everything fell apart.

The problem???

It was night time…

and you need daylight to take a good picture.

So I went all around the house trying to get a good picture.

First up : the entryway

2017-12-04 17.37.06

Did you notice that the front of the sweater falls in such a way that it creates pockets?!

2017-12-04 17.50.52

Pretty cool, huh!


Then, I tried the kitchen.

2017-12-04 17.38.38

Too bright!!!


Next up…the laundry room.

2017-12-04 17.48.46

Too yellow.


I guess I should tell you about the sweater though.

The brand is Brixon Ivy.

This sweater retailed new for $89. Savers was asking $7.99 but I shopped during a 50% off sale and scored it for $3.99.


I tried one last room in the house before I called it quits…the dining room.

2017-12-04 17.50.24

Ignore the rolled up rug…it’s a long story…involving Miss Oreo.


2017-12-04 17.50.42

Finally, a decent shot!

We recently bought a light kit to help out in situations like this.

Fingers crossed that it helps.

Pop of Color

Happy Friday!

I’m super excited about this weekend. On Sunday, my baby turns 21!!!


All of that has nothing to do with my outfit but I just wanted to share the news…

that I’m officially old.


Anyhow, I’m actually super proud of myself with today’s look.

2017-12-01 12.34.19

Any guesses why???



The star of the show is really this H&M jacket I scored at the thrift.


It was a bit pricey at $7.99 but I saw a similar style in stores now, selling for $90.00.

2017-12-01 12.34.35


2017-12-01 12.34.50


2017-12-01 12.34.58

I guess eight bucks ain’t that bad now, is it.



Dragonfly Sweater

I picked up this dragonfly sweater at the thrift for several reasons.

2017-11-18 12.17.29

2017-11-18 12.17.40

I liked it. (because it’s unusual)

It’s vintage. (I think)

It was less than five bucks.

I liked the embroidery, even though I’m not a fan of dragonflies. I do know several people that are though.

Half of it is black.


2017-11-18 12.17.14


Apparently other people liked it too because I received numerous compliments (three to be exact) when I wore it.

2017-11-18 12.16.51

That never happens!



Summerlin Savers is having their first ever HOLIDAY FASHION SHOW and sign ups start TODAY!

You must sign up IN STORE at 8530 West Lake Mead Blvd.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.39.06 PM

What is a fashion show like at a thrift store?

Click HERE to check it out!



Sorry for the late post.


Life is a tad crazy these days and I needed a break from social media.


Today’s look features one of my favorite brands that show at NYFW :


2017-10-27 17.41.24


This quirky Desigual blouse was a score from Family Thrift Center in Albuquerque, NM

2017-10-27 17.39.24

2017-10-27 17.40.57

It’s got all kinds of little doo-dads and whatchamacallits on it.


For that reason, I thought it was well worth paying the full price for it…

2017-10-27 17.40.26

of $3.99.

Don’t you?