A Gift

A friend of mine gifted me this beautiful top!

2018-02-13 14.45.47

She was going to take it to the thrift because it no longer fit her, but instead she decided to see if I wanted it.


I mean, look at the detail of those crocheted flowers!

At least, I think it’s crocheted.



And of course, I styled it with a super cool sleeveless vest that I scored at the thrift for $4.49.

2018-02-13 14.45.31

2018-02-13 14.45.03


I think styling it with all black, really showed off the star of the show, which were the sleeves of the top.

2018-02-13 14.44.58

Would you agree?


Not My Vibe

When I came across this Vibe Sportswear dress ($4.19) at the GW, I thought it was totally my vibe.

2018-01-21 12.08.19


After all, it combined leopard print, snake print and roses.

2018-01-21 12.08.46

And I couldn’t beat the price!


2018-01-21 12.08.38

But this dress never left the house because in real life…

it was not flattering on me at all.



Style Inspo

Happy Monday!

Thought I would share a recent look that was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers.
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 5.44.42 PM

Hi Sugarplum has a relatable, easy to recreate style.


2018-01-03 12.15.30
Levi’s Jacket : thrifted



I already had everything in my closet to recreate this look.

2018-01-03 12.15.19

That comes as no surprise, doesn’t it?!



Sweater Vest

Everything eventually makes its way to the thrift store.

Case in point, this Style&Co sweater vest.

2018-01-17 12.08.43

2018-01-17 12.07.06

I remember spotting it at Macy’s like three years ago. I really liked it but didn’t want to dish out the $25.00 sale price.


2018-01-17 12.06.57

When I spotted it in January while thrifting at Savers in Albuquerque, I snatched it right up!

2018-01-17 12.07.15

It was TOTALLY worth the $2.99 I paid!

Product Review : Saranghae Skin Care

*These products were sent to me for free to review. All opinions are 100% my own*

Three weeks ago, I was sent the premier 5- Step Korean Skin Care Routine in North America.

2018-01-18 10.35.50


And since Saranghae means ‘I love you’ in Korean, I thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to share my love for this product with you.


The first thing I did, before even opening the box, was have my toxicologist husband check out the list of ingredients to see if this skincare had what it took to actually work.

And it did!!!

I have been a lover of Korean skincare and beauty AKA K-Beauty for quite some time now. I have tried K-Beauty skincare products from the drugstore to high-end ones at Sephora. I would consider the price point of this 5 Step Routine to be mid-range.

With that being said, I can easily say that this is really the best brand of Korean skincare that I have ever tried!

Let me break the 5 step down for you.

Step 1.

2018-01-26 11.26.48

I am OBSESSED with this product! This Oil+Foam Cleanser is actually my favorite product of the whole line.


Saranghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser is formulated with 2 of the world’s most luxurious ingredients: Truffle Extract & Gold (yes, you read that correctly, real Gold!). This unique and revolutionary cleansing formula combines the deep pore cleansing power of an oil cleanser with the effective make-up removal of a foam cleanser. It eliminates oil, micro-particles, grime, dirt and toxins while hydrating and nourishing your skin at the same time. The best part? It completely removes make-up too! Never buy a separate oil cleanser and a foam cleanser ever again!

In addition to our Truffle Extract and Gold, Saranghae has meticulously harnessed the powerful healing benefits of 20 incredibly effective botanical essential oils, producing the most effective and unique cleansing experience on the market.

I used to use a makeup remover, then an exfoliator, THEN a face wash. I never felt that I could get my full face of makeup off without doing all that.

This face wash has been a real game changer for me. This one product removes every trace of makeup and leaves my skin feeling amazing!


Step 2.

2018-01-26 11.32.24

If you have never tried an Essence + Serum before, you’ll love it!

The Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum is designed to penetrate your outer epidermis layer and deliver crucial nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins directly to your living cells. Lovingly crafted with 10% Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) Mushroom extract, plant based placenta, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the result is a skin that efficiently heals and regenerates every moment of every day.

Now, I like my skincare to not have a smell. This one has a slight smell, kind of like Nature. Probably because it has mushroom extract in it. The smell quickly fades though.




Step 3.

2018-01-26 11.33.26

OMG! How fancy is this? I’ve never had a teeny tiny spatula come with my skincare!

This Firm & Lift Regeneration Cream is the bomb!

Rich, beautiful and luxurious are just few of the adjectives that come to mind when describing the Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream. Made with certified organically grown 15% Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) mushroom and Ginseng, it is formulated and stabilized using our award winning Multiple Crystal Emulsion technology. Our Saranghae Firm & Lift will decrease the formation of free radicals and reduce damage due to oxidative stress by up to 220%. Our powerful but natural blend of antioxidants, amino acids and regenerative peptides will deliver astonishingly smooth, supple and quite simply beautiful skin while diminishing age spots, redness and visible signs of aging.

I have to tell you the amazing thing about this line.

My skin feels just as soft in the morning, as when I put the product on the night before. Never have I ever used a product that has done that!

Did I mention that this skincare line is for ALL skin types?



Step 4.

2018-01-26 11.31.35

Can we take a moment and talk about this Focus Renewal Eye Cream?

Formulated with Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) Mushroom Extract, adenosine, vitamin B3, elastin and collagen, the Focus Renewal Eye Serum is the single most effective solution to restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, visibly lift and firm and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

One pump of this eye cream is enough to do both eyes, the space between my eyes AND my upper lip!

Oh, you didn’t know you should put eye cream on your upper lip??!!

You should, because it is more concentrated than regular moisturizer and so it helps prevent those nasty lines around your mouth.



Step 5.

2018-01-25 20.38.56

Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask?!

This one from Saranghae is fantastic!

Saranghae’s Elemental Essence Mask is a unique, lightweight, micro-fiber material with a blend of Asian botanicals that helps calm inflamed skin, enhance the natural contours of the face and maximize brightness.

Fortified with Saranghae’s CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Acid, it provides a luxurious look and feel to your skin unlike any other mask you’ve tried before. This unique and intense formula delivers radiant results instantly after use, while reducing existing pigmentation over time for a breathtakingly beautiful finish.

I use it once a week to treat my face and of course, myself.


If you are in the market for Korean SkinCare, this Saranghae 5 Step Routine is definitely worth the money.


To keep up with all things Saranghae be sure and follow them on all their social channels.





Who knows…

you just might see MY smiling face there!






You Can’t Take it With You

Over the weekend, I co-starred in the 1938 play ‘You Can’t Take it With You’. I played the role of Alice Sycamore, the 22 year old (ahem) love interest. Learning the lines for this play was VERY stressful and considering that I’m not an actress, it stretched my acting abilities to the limit.

I had four wardrobe changes during this 2 hr play and we were each responsible for putting our looks together.

Keep in mind that our clothing needed to look like it was from the 1930’s.

Along with the hairstyle too.

Of course, yours truly turned to the thrift store.

Here’s what I came up with.

Look #1 is when I come home from work and I am wearing a new dress.

2018-01-23 13.07.57

This dress was the most expensive one I bought. I thought it was a tad overpriced at $9.99 but the fit and style was perfect. The purse was $2.44.


Look #2 is an evening gown because I am headed to the Monte Carlo Ballet.


The play takes place in the summer time, so the dress needed to have a summery feel.

2018-01-23 13.17.06

This is the first dress I bought. It’s vintage and cost me $8.79.


Although it was the perfect color and style, I was NOT comfortable on stage in it.


So I took another trip to the thrift and scored this one.

2018-02-01 12.34.39

Keep in mind, the director did not want me to wear black, but black is my comfort zone so…black it is!

This dress was well worth the $6.39 I paid for it.


Look #3 is my disheveled look, when my future in-laws show up unexpectedly for dinner and they are in a tux and evening gown.

2018-02-01 12.51.31

Yes, I wore shoes. The pants are thrifted from years ago. I have gotten a ton of wear out of them. Probably, because they are black! Hahaha

I also ended up tying the shirt at the waist.

#DirectorsOrders 😉

Look #4 is my traveling outfit.

2018-01-23 13.22.15

This ugly Walmart dress from the thrift was $3.96 and will be going straight back there on my next trip! But the style was right.


Here are three of my looks in action!

2018-02-08 10.04.00


So, how were the reviews on my performance?


scsliving.com said :

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.41.10 PM


suncitylink.com said :

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.30.31 PM

I appreciate the kind words!


On a related note, I’m thrilled to share with you that starting March 1st, our director Cassie McGuire, is offering 90 minute acting lessons, for five bucks a pop!

You don’t even have to be a member of the Theatre club, JUST a resident of Sun City Summerlin!

Living in an Active Adult Community certainly has its advantages!!





Quick Trip to New Mexico

Recently, my fashionable and FAB girlfriend, Jamie from More Than Turquoise invited me to shoot a video with her showing two fab things to do in New Mexico.


The timing could not have been more perfect. It was during the long MLK weekend, so I was able to spend some time with both of my boys AND do a little thrifting while I was there.


One of the FAB things I picked up was this mixed media blouse.

2018-02-01 12.19.23

Cool, right?!


There is SO much going on with this blouse.


Both front…

2018-02-01 12.17.53


AND back!

2018-02-01 12.18.05

IMHO, this blouse (that was made by an artist named Elisa) was totally worth paying the full price of $4.99 for it at Family Thrift Center in Albuquerque.

Why all the talk about this blouse?

Well, that’s what I decided to wear when Jamie and I checked out the best happy hour in all of Santa Fe!

To find out where in Santa Fe is the best HH and to see the other FAB thing we did while we were up there…

check out the video!!





Made in Italy

When I came across this sweater and saw that it was made in Italy, I just had to have it!

2017-12-17 11.22.45

2017-12-17 11.23.17

The fact that it was only $6.09 didn’t hurt either.


I love the ruffle detail and the multi-colored specks.

2017-12-17 11.22.59


2017-12-17 15.55.50

2017-12-17 11.22.35

And of course, it’s the perfect light layer for our cool Vegas nights.

#DontBeJealous  😉


All Bundled Up

No, this is not a recent picture.

2017-12-26 11.48.02

It’s going to be in the 70’s this week here in Vegas.


BUT, it WAS cold one day in December when my boys were here for Christmas…

2017-12-26 11.47.45


so I decided to break out this Ann Taylor skirt that I had thrifted, over a year ago!

2017-12-26 11.47.51



2017-12-26 11.47.58


Oh! Did I happen to mention that it was NWT (new with tags)?

2017-11-17 16.06.40





Casual Friday

I’ve never worked in a job where there was a ‘Casual Friday’ because everyday was casual.

But I always dressed up because that is what I like to do.

When I came across this Penda hoodie ($4.95) …

2017-12-10 11.56.44

2017-12-10 11.56.53


I decided to give the whole ‘Casual Friday’ a try.

2017-12-10 11.56.37

2017-12-10 11.56.31

You know what I decided?

I decided that I’m a fan of casual Friday…

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

you get the drift.  😉

Have a great weekend!


Talk About Color!

I wanted to incorporate more color into my wardrobe for 2018 and I think this $3.50 vintage blouse does just that!

2017-12-22 12.32.21


I loved the neck detail of it.



2017-12-22 12.32.43

And as if THAT wasn’t enough color…


I added THIS!

2017-12-22 12.31.22



How’s that for an ‘in your face’ color!

2017-12-22 12.31.17

2017-12-22 12.31.32


This 600 West jacket was a tad pricey at $9.14 but it, along with the blouse, definitely makes a statement.

2017-12-22 12.32.18

Wouldn’t you agree?


Look Closely

When I first came across this Linden Hill cardigan, I thought “Oh, that’s cute” and for only $2.99 I thought it was worth buying.

2017-12-20 13.50.16


I really liked the flower detail on it. Don’t you?

2017-12-20 13.48.48


But then, when my husband was taking my photo, I took a closer look at the sweater and noticed all the little details…

2017-12-20 13.50.44


Did you notice the buttons? There are actually three different ones!

One is shaped like a flower, one has a flower in the center and one is just plain.

Also, the front placket is wavy instead of straight!

2017-12-20 13.48.48

Cool, huh!


But does that make the sweater worth $19.99?

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 7.35.14 PM

You be the judge.

It Really Is Soft

In an effort to bring more color into my life for 2018, when I came across this Soft Surroundings shirt, I snatched it right up!

The fact that it was only $3.13 had nothing to do with my decision.



2017-12-06 13.27.14

2017-12-06 13.27.22

This brand is really as soft as it claims to be and this shirt is no exception.


I decided to pair it with this “leather” moto jacket that I scored on the same trip to the thrift.

2017-12-06 13.25.38

2017-12-06 13.25.43

Not a bad looking jacket for less than seven bucks, huh!


2017-12-06 13.25.25

It added just the right amount of hardness to this very soft shirt.


Have a great weekend!

Life Update

Happy Hump Day!

I thought I would take a quick minute and get you up to speed on what I have been doing.


In December, the Sun City Dance Company Las Vegas had their first ever holiday performance, of which I was a part of.

2018-01-03 19.57.35



2018-01-03 19.56.52


What’s on the horizon for 2018?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

On Saturday February 10, 2018 7PM and again on Sunday, February 11, 2018 2PM I will be performing in the Sun City Summerlin Community Theatre Club’s production of “You Can’t Take it With You.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 7.39.47 PM

Set in 1938, I am playing the role of Alice Sycamore…the 22 year old (ahem) love interest. It’s the biggest role I have played so far and I must admit, learning the lines (and learning how to act) has been quite stressful. Along with our very accomplished Director and fellow actors that have worked with the likes of Carol Burnett and Christopher Plummer, everyone has been so kind to give of their time, to help this novice (me) become my character.



If you reside in the Las Vegas area or are going to be in town and are looking for a fun, inexpensive thing to do, off the strip…please consider coming to our show! The tickets are only $10 and can be purchased HERE.

Thank you!!


Leather Contrast Moto Jacket

People say that I find amazing thrift fashion because I live in Las Vegas.


Amazing thrift finds can be found anywhere, if you know what you are looking for.


Case in point is this Michael Stars leather contrast moto jacket that I scored at the Family Thrift Center  in Albuquerque, NM.

2017-11-26 11.14.17


I paid $3.00 for the most buttery soft piece of leather that I have ever felt.

2017-11-26 11.14.39


What did it sell for originally?

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.50.37 PM


I like how the look of the jacket changes with just a zip of the zipper.


2017-11-26 11.13.58

This particular thrift store in NM is dirty, dingy and has THE most amazing finds! It’s hands down my favorite thrift store…

including those here in Las Vegas.





The Pitfalls of Social Media

Back in June, my images were used to scam a man out of $1500.00, with another $5000.00 being asked for.



The man, from Australia, refused to believe his daughter, when she told him he was being scammed.

His daughter contacted my two boys, through FB, to let them know that my image was being used to scam her father.


Let me back things up…

Over the summer, I Interviewed (here in Vegas) to be a host on JTV. (located in TN)

Not too long after that interview, I received a strange message on FB from a man accusing me of trying to scam him out of $10,000.00

I ignored it because I thought it was a scam.

I kept receiving messages on FB from other men.

Here is one of them.


Did you notice? He is from TN.


So is this fake Driver’s License…

2017-06-25 09.58.20


and this fake profile on this dating website.

2017-06-25 09.58.30

We actually found out the name and email of the man that was being scammed. My husband contacted him.

The man responded with all the information he had on the person running the scam, including numerous badly and SO obviously photo-shopped photos of me.

We turned everything over to the FBI.

Even when faced with the truth, this man was still holding out hope that he wasn’t being scammed.

I hope his daughter convinced him otherwise…



Product Review : Maybelline Total Temptation Makeup Collection

*I was gifted these products to review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Thanks to Influenster, I was sent my first ever, makeup only,  voxbox!

Apparently they heard that I’m a lover of all things beauty related.


2017-12-23 10.34.20


Let me break it all down for you using a five star rating…five being the best.

First up :

Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette

MSRP $11.99

Rating:  2.75 stars

I like both eyeshadow color stories. The problem is in the color payoff. It was just average in my book. I wanted the darks to be darker. Also, this palette was too shimmery for my taste (and wrinkly eyelids). For a girl in her teen’s, I think this would be great.


Check out the horrible job I did on swatching the warm neutrals. I realized afterwards that you are supposed to use the inside of your arm…

where there are no age spots…

to detract from the colors.

2017-12-23 11.35.11

The far right swatch is the highlighter.

Now, the highlighters are what I did like about the palette. They were blinding!

Here is my face done up with all the above colors.

2017-12-23 11.22.38


It’s hard to tell anything.

BUT, did you notice my lashes and brows???


2017-12-23 11.39.17

Total Temptation Washable Mascara in Blackest Black

MSRP : $9.49

Rating : 3.25 stars

I was impressed that this mascara didn’t leave little black dots under my eyes.


This stuff doesn’t budge…

which means when I go to take it off, it’s a little more difficult…

and consequently, it leaves a mess around my eyes…

that I don’t bother cleaning up until morning.

I’m quite the looker when I hit the bed at night.

Good thing it’s dark.

Now, for my favorite thing out of this whole collection…

that I actually would purchase!

Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil in Soft Brown

MSRP : $7.99

Rating : 5 stars

This product is everything!! In my opinion, it’s a total dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer that retails for $23.00 at Sephora.

The pencil comes in four shades and the color I chose, Soft Brown, was spot on. The pencil is just the right amount of soft, so you don’t have to apply much pressure to get the color payoff that you need.  At first I didn’t think I was going to like the tiny teardrop shaped brush, but I do. This has been my go-to eyebrow product since I received it.

Final thoughts :

The majority of the collection is a pass for me.

BUT, I whole heartedly recommend the eyebrow pencil!!

Would love to hear your thoughts, if you have tried any of these products.


*Thanks again to Maybelline and Influenster for sending me these products, for free, to review.*










Happy New Year!

I’m back from my holiday break spent with family and friends and ready to take on the New Year!!

Actually, I’m exhausted…I’ve gained four pounds…and my back has been killing me BUT it’s a New Year!!

I haven’t set any goals for myself… yet.


I am thinking about giving YouTube another try.

You know, I’m up to 15 subscribers!! LOL

In the meantime, I thought I would share a look from the first day of Winter.

It was actually cold enough for a blanket scarf and a pair of Uggs!!

Well, it was for half of the day.

Then it warmed up…

and I felt pretty silly being all bundled up.



2017-12-21 13.08.482017-12-21 13.08.23

The sweater is a fairly recent purchase (Black Friday) from H&M. It was either $5 or $15, I can’t remember which. Hopefully, it was only $5, because it’s pretty thin and scratchy and really is only worth that much.


I finally got around to wearing my fanny pack from my birthday haul.

2017-12-21 13.06.472017-12-21 13.06.53

Too bad I didn’t realize that the tassel was all askew before I took the picture.


Oh well!

Hope your New Year is off to a great start!





Savers Holiday Fashion Show

Eight beautiful women and one handsome man took to the runway at Summerlin Savers, vying for the title of…

hmm, I actually forgot what the trophy said. Oh well! The title doesn’t matter, what does matter is the fashion!!



Here we go!

Contestant #1


I’m just as surprised as you are.


I ended up trading out my black skirt for this NY&CO one so my entire outfit ended up coming in at just $20!

Best find: Nina shoes for $4.00


Contestant #2



He was going for a casual Christmas party look.

Head to toe : $32.50

Best find : True Religion jeans $8.00


Contestant #3

Elizabeth (Eric’s wife)

ElizabethBack of dress

She went for a glamorous NYE look.

Head to toe : $22.50

Best find : that dress for just $15.00!


Contestant #4


KennaKenna fur

Head to toe : $44.00

Best find : it’s a tie

Cole Haan shoes $20.00

Chico’s wrap

Side note : Kenna is one of the original people I styled when I had my thrift styling business THRIFT ME OVER. At that time, she flew to ABQ, NM and had me style her and a friend. After seeing my post about Savers first fashion show back in August, she decided to drive in from CA with her two daughters and walk the runway!

Yes, I styled her for the show.

It took three hours.

Hey, we were busy talking and getting distracted by all the brand new (with tags) Chico’s clothing that was in the store. Seriously, it was amazing how much was there.

BTW : this look is totally out of her comfort zone but she loved it!

Isn’t that right, Kenna…




Contestant #5



Head to toe : $46.00

Best find : Stuart Weitzman sandals  for only $10!!

These retailed new for around $600 and I found this exact pair selling online at therealreal for $75.00. Savers had them marked at $16.99 but shoes were 40% off so…


Machele is Kenna’s daughter and reluctantly agreed to be a model.

Yes, I styled her for the show, too. I put this look together in ten minutes.



Contestant #6



Head to toe : $55.00

Best find : it’s a tie

INC jacket $25

Gold turtleneck (with the $58 SteinMart tag still on it) $12.99

Phyllis is the Editor of scsliving.com, an online newsletter about Sun City Summerlin.

Her outfit is a perfect example of the importance of having a statement coat. When you live in a cold climate, your coat is sometimes all that people ever see of your outfit.



Contestant #7


CC wrapCC

Head to toe : $41.00

Best find : it’s a tie

Chico’s wrap $90

Eyeglass frames $1.99 retail :$600

She has over 40 pairs of frames that she purchased from Savers. She then takes them to her eye dr. and has her script put in them. How smart is that!!


Contestant #8



Head to toe : $31.00

Best find : it’s a tie

Chico’s top  $81 (NWT) $12.99

Peter Nygard wrap $89 (NWT)

Dee is a friend of mine and her style is always on point. But this outfit? There was definitely something extra special about it! She looks stunning!!!


Contestant #9



Head to toe : $42.00

Best find : This killer Windsor brand dress that was only $13.00! Loved the way she styled it!


Whew! That was a lot of contestants!


Do you have any favorites???

Announcing the winners

I got to do the honor of announcing the winners.



Without further ado here are the winners!


Third place …winner of a $25 Savers gift card


3rd place




Second place…winner of a $50 Savers gift card


2nd place




First place…winner of a trophy and a $100 Savers gift card


1st place




Here’s to another successful fashion show at Summerlin Savers!

Huge shoutout to Greg, Ed and the whole fantastic team at Summerlin Savers!!

Looking forward to working with all of you  in 2018!!


All three

*This is my last post of the year because my boys are coming to visit.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!!

See you back here on 01-01-2018





That’s how I felt when I wore this outfit to a recent Holiday party.

2017-12-16 17.29.24
Jones New York turtleneck : $7.99       Vintage clutch : $7.99


*Did you notice the red nails??!!

I was trying to look festive in my all black ensemble.


This look is really all about the skirt, that makes me feel like a ballerina.


2017-12-16 17.30.16

2017-12-16 17.32.25

This Ann Taylor skirt (12.99) still had the $100 price tag on it. I waited in line for an hour at Savers on Black Friday…just so I could score this for 75% off.

I paid $2.55.

A great price but not worth an hour of my time.


On a side note :

Today at 1PM is Savers Holiday Fashion Show!

8530 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

If you live in Las Vegas please come vote for your favorite model because Savers has a special treat for those in attendance!!












Think Outside the Box

I’m not the most creative person on the planet, but every once in a while I think outside the box when it comes to my accessories.

Case in point, this belt that I scored for just $4.00 during the Black Friday sale at Goodwill.

2017-12-02 12.57.30


I wrapped it around my neck!

You know who was really surprised? The GW employee.

Here’s how I styled it.

2017-12-02 12.54.30

Remember this silver (rubber like) jacket???

I thought I had consigned it, so imagine MY surprise when I found it hanging in the guest bedroom closet!

2017-12-02 12.54.25

2017-12-02 12.54.50

I’m glad I still had it because it is still totally on trend!

Back to the belt/necklace…

2017-12-02 12.57.21

Can you see yourself giving it a try?


Mitch and I are trying to better ourselves in our old age, so we attended a Master Class at B and C Camera here in Vegas.

The guest speaker was a Beauty YouTuber that made it to the big time on (Lifetimes) ‘American Beauty Star’.

2017-12-02 12.31.26

Any guesses on who she is?

I knew, because I watched the show she was on.

Her class was very informative and believe it or not, the 40-50 people there were old, like us!

We learned a lot of ‘techie’ things.

Wait, let me clarify that.

We were told a lot of ‘techie’ things but we barely understood any of it.

2017-12-02 14.11.57

Did you figure out who she is?


She’s Tyme the Infamous!



All Around the House

The other night we met up with some friends, so I decided to wear a ‘new to me’ cozy sweater.

So, of course I wanted a photo of me wearing it and that is when everything fell apart.

The problem???

It was night time…

and you need daylight to take a good picture.

So I went all around the house trying to get a good picture.

First up : the entryway

2017-12-04 17.37.06

Did you notice that the front of the sweater falls in such a way that it creates pockets?!

2017-12-04 17.50.52

Pretty cool, huh!


Then, I tried the kitchen.

2017-12-04 17.38.38

Too bright!!!


Next up…the laundry room.

2017-12-04 17.48.46

Too yellow.


I guess I should tell you about the sweater though.

The brand is Brixon Ivy.

This sweater retailed new for $89. Savers was asking $7.99 but I shopped during a 50% off sale and scored it for $3.99.


I tried one last room in the house before I called it quits…the dining room.

2017-12-04 17.50.24

Ignore the rolled up rug…it’s a long story…involving Miss Oreo.


2017-12-04 17.50.42

Finally, a decent shot!

We recently bought a light kit to help out in situations like this.

Fingers crossed that it helps.

Special Update


I tried on my two possible outfits for the Summerlin Savers upcoming fashion show.

Monday December 18th, 1 pm

8530 W. Lake Mead Las Vegas, NV 89134

Would love to have you all come watch the show because we need an audience to vote for the Winners!

Okay, here are the outfits along with my thought process.


Outfit A.

2017-12-11 13.37.33

I can’t believe I am saying this BUT…

it’s too much black!


The skirt, I think, would look better with a gray sweater.

2017-12-11 13.36.56

Another possibility is to style it with a denim shirt. Or perhaps a t-shirt paired with a denim jacket.


I didn’t have plain black hose to pair with the shoes, so I had to throw on these patterned ones to cover my bright white legs.

2017-12-11 13.36.48


Outfit B.

2017-12-11 13.11.26

Let’s break it down…


I’m obsessed with this red sweater!!!

2017-12-11 13.08.51



The skirt is nice too BUT…

2017-12-11 13.09.13

2017-12-11 13.10.57

Not with the sweater.


Because the sweater is too long for this skirt…and the skirt is too long for this sweater!

I know you may not think so by looking at the photos but trust me… IRL it does not look good.

And don’t get me started about the shoes. They are actually 1/2 size too big (which I totally thought I could get away with ) but I can’t. They are going back to Savers for someone else to buy.


So the question remains…

What am I going to wear for the show?

I am going to wear the shoes from A. (with some plain black tights) paired with the red sweater from B. with a shorter black skirt that I thrifted a while go.

I actually have like 4 or 5 thrifted black skirts in my closet.


Be sure and check back next week (hopefully Wednesday’s post) to see my outfit (because I could totally change my mind and wear something completely different) and those of all the contestant’s.






It’s Almost Time

That’s right… it’s almost time to Walk the Runway at my local Summerlin Savers!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.39.06 PM

As you probably already know, I’ll be doing double duty.

Besides walking in the show, I will also be the Emcee.

All the contestants will be heading to Summerlin Savers this week to put together their favorite Holiday look from the racks and racks…and racks of clothing.


I headed there early and picked out two looks. Hey, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

I thought I would share with you what I picked out and have you weigh in on what I should wear.

Here are the two looks.

2017-12-08 15.42.42

You’re not surprised that they are both mostly black, are you?



Let me break the two holiday looks down for you.


2017-12-08 14.35.46

2017-12-08 15.43.12

This look features :

Vintage Jones New York (Lambswool/Angora blend) turtleneck

Retail : $80   Thrift : $7.99

Ann Taylor Lace skirt

Retail : $98   Thrift : $8.99

Nina holiday suede flats (barely any signs of wear)

Retail : $80   Thrift : $7.49

Total retail price $258  Total thrift price $25.00

This look is super comfy and totally my style! (It’s black). I’m also totally digging the old lady style shoe. (No offense)

I would be super comfortable Emceeing in this outfit.



2017-12-08 14.36.00

2017-12-08 15.43.30

This look features :

United States Sweaters red off the shoulder Marilyn top

Retail : Not sure, but I’m guessing $40   Thrift : $7.49

Gianni Bini faux leather pencil skirt

Retail : $80   Thrift : $10.99

Impo black strap high heel (they appear brand new)

Retail : $45   Thrift : $11.99

Total retail price : $165   Total thrift price : $30

This look is definitely more form fitting which, for me, means less comfortable. I LOVE the red sweater though, and it definitely screams holiday to me. The high heels are doable but…I do love a cute flat better. With that being said, this skirt needs the high heel because it hits right at the knee.

My husband hasn’t seen either look on me yet, so he doesn’t have an opinion.

I left the store planning to wear LOOK B. on the runway, but now I’m not so sure…

2017-12-08 14.49.27

Which look do YOU think I should wear?





Pop of Color

Happy Friday!

I’m super excited about this weekend. On Sunday, my baby turns 21!!!


All of that has nothing to do with my outfit but I just wanted to share the news…

that I’m officially old.


Anyhow, I’m actually super proud of myself with today’s look.

2017-12-01 12.34.19

Any guesses why???



The star of the show is really this H&M jacket I scored at the thrift.


It was a bit pricey at $7.99 but I saw a similar style in stores now, selling for $90.00.

2017-12-01 12.34.35


2017-12-01 12.34.50


2017-12-01 12.34.58

I guess eight bucks ain’t that bad now, is it.



Grandpa Style

As you all know, I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain, and going to estate sales here in Sun City is a good place to find one…


Case in point is this grandpa sweater I recently came across.

2017-11-25 11.52.21

I immediately noticed that it was cashmere, which made me interested in it, despite being a Men’s size LG.

2017-11-25 11.52.38

2017-11-25 11.52.27

It wasn’t marked so I asked the lady in charge the price.

Here’s how the conversation went down…

Lady : It’s $15.00

Me : $15.00!!!!

Lady : Well, it’s cashmere.

Me : Gurrlll…I can get this at the thrift store for five bucks.

Then a miracle happened!

There was a young man working the sale too, listening to our conversation. He immediately piped up and said…

“I’ll take five bucks for that.”

Me : SOLD!!!

2017-11-25 11.52.14

The End.



Lasstokki Sheet Masks

*I was gifted this product to review, however all opinions are my own*

2017-11-28 13.02.35

If you are a lover of sheet masks and all things K-Beauty then these new cream sheet masks from Lasstokki are for you!

At less than $1.00 a mask (which is unheard of) these sheet masks are as good a quality as those that I have purchased at $8.00 each!


For $10.99 you receive a total of 12 masks that target different concerns.

2017-11-30 13.38.54

Top row : Moisture   Bottom row : Nutrition


2017-11-30 13.37.33

Top row : Elasticity   Bottom row : Brightening


I couldn’t decide which one to try first, so I left it up to social media to decide for me!

2017-11-29 15.46.15

And the winner is…

2017-11-30 12.41.43

The Lemon was for Brightening and I was excited to try it. I feel as I get older, my skin gets more dull.


Check out this mask.

It is comprised of not one, not two but THREE layers!

2017-12-01 20.40.48

Did you notice how moist it is?!!

Miss Oreo happened to stop by the bathroom when I was testing out this product.

2017-12-01 20.40.07

Check out the look on her face when she spotted me with the mask on.

2017-12-01 20.40.11



These cream masks are some of the most (if not the most) moisture filled masks I have ever tried!

There was so much still left in the package, that I squeezed it out and used it to moisturize my hands!

2017-12-01 21.03.54

2017-12-01 21.04.01


I highly recommend these Lasstokki cream sheet masks. The value and quality is unbeatable.

OMG! This just in!

Amazon is running a 30% off Launch Special!

(Some restrictions apply)

That makes each mask less than 65 cents!!

Better get yours before they are all gone!

Teddy Bear Coat


how cute is this teddy bear coat!!

2017-11-20 12.02.28



To make the jacket stand out, I put my favorite color underneath!

2017-11-20 12.03.26

Along with stripes, some pattern mixing and my OTK boots, I was super happy with how this look turned out.



If you remember the thrift haul video I did, I had a hard time figuring out how to get this coat on.

#DontJudgeMe 😉

2017-11-20 12.02.03

2017-11-20 12.02.49


I saw this teddy bear style coat selling at H&M recently for $49.00.

2017-11-20 12.00.51

I scored mine for $4.19.





No, this post has nothing to do with food…

and everything to do with this sheer top!

2017-11-23 16.24.39

Sandwich is a UK brand of clothing.


I picked up this rust/gray top for $4.19 from GW.

2017-11-23 16.24.33

2017-11-23 16.24.42



I’m not really that crazy about it and it’s not really that flattering but I wore it anyway.

2017-11-23 16.24.37

I needed to get my money’s worth out of it.


Dragonfly Sweater

I picked up this dragonfly sweater at the thrift for several reasons.

2017-11-18 12.17.29

2017-11-18 12.17.40

I liked it. (because it’s unusual)

It’s vintage. (I think)

It was less than five bucks.

I liked the embroidery, even though I’m not a fan of dragonflies. I do know several people that are though.

Half of it is black.


2017-11-18 12.17.14


Apparently other people liked it too because I received numerous compliments (three to be exact) when I wore it.

2017-11-18 12.16.51

That never happens!



Summerlin Savers is having their first ever HOLIDAY FASHION SHOW and sign ups start TODAY!

You must sign up IN STORE at 8530 West Lake Mead Blvd.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.39.06 PM

What is a fashion show like at a thrift store?

Click HERE to check it out!


What I Wore : Thanksgiving

Last year I thrifted the most perfect dress to wear on Thanksgiving.

2017-11-23 13.18.25


Because it’s usually cold in November, this vintage dress never saw the light of day last Thanksgiving.

But this year was different. It was 80 degrees here!

So this dress…

that screams Fall, Harvest, Cornucopia

i.e. Thanksgiving

finally got worn.

2017-11-23 13.19.36

Well, the front screams that.


The back?

2017-11-23 13.18.41

Not so much.


I’m not one to dress up for the holidays, believe it or not.

2017-11-23 13.18.37

But the weather cooperated this year and I was happy for the opportunity to finally wear this dress!

Did you dress up?

Army Green Jacket

Army green is still going strong in the fashion world, as is camouflage.


But in the meantime, I happened across this Olive & Oak army green jacket to keep me on trend.


2017-11-17 11.25.59

2017-11-17 11.26.07


At less than $7.00, it was the perfect addition to my trendy, fall wardrobe and to today’s look of jeans and a t-shirt!

2017-11-17 11.25.54

Don’t you agree?

Side note :

Check out this video I posted on my Style for Less Vegas FB page showing what I scored at three estate sales…and showing me in the above outfit!


You should ‘like’ my FB page.

Pretty please!

OTK Wedge Boots

Yes, OTK wedge boots are the last thing I should be wearing with a jammed/broken toe.

But here in Vegas, you have to take advantage of the cold weather


to wear those cold weather fashion items.

I paired my boots with a Loft sweater that I scored last year for $5.50.


2017-11-13 11.52.59

2017-11-13 11.53.21

Mitch liked how I layered a shirt underneath it.

I didn’t. It’s attached.


I also took this opportunity to pair it with this purse my sister had made for me out of my mom’s rabbit coat. I added this vintage pin to it that I scored for $2.50 from an estate sale.

2017-11-13 11.52.08


2017-11-13 11.54.27

It was fun to finally break out a few cold weather items but I’m ready for the heat to return.

Oh! Did I mention that it’s supposed to be 78 degrees on Thanksgiving Day?






As you all know, two weeks ago I turned 56…

2017-11-04 11.57.01

and I immediately started falling apart.




That’s why today’s look is all black.

2017-11-10 10.03.08


It features this waffle knit tunic top that didn’t have a label.

2017-11-10 10.04.13


Now, I normally don’t buy anything without a label, but we all know how I love black so…

2017-11-10 10.03.19

I made the exception for this $4.79 top.

But seriously folks,

I did start falling apart.

I stubbed/jammed/broke my toe!

2017-11-10 10.06.38





It’s All About the Jacket

This Impulse of California jacket ($4.74) has a lot to say.

2017-11-05 11.52.05 copy

2017-11-05 11.52.16



So, keeping things pretty neutral underneath it, seemed the way to go.

2017-11-05 11.51.53

2017-11-05 11.51.57


Wow, I just realized that everything I have on (minus the shoes) is thrifted.

2017-11-05 11.51.47

Would you have guessed that?



Sorry for the late post.


Life is a tad crazy these days and I needed a break from social media.


Today’s look features one of my favorite brands that show at NYFW :


2017-10-27 17.41.24


This quirky Desigual blouse was a score from Family Thrift Center in Albuquerque, NM

2017-10-27 17.39.24

2017-10-27 17.40.57

It’s got all kinds of little doo-dads and whatchamacallits on it.


For that reason, I thought it was well worth paying the full price for it…

2017-10-27 17.40.26

of $3.99.

Don’t you?




Purple Pants

I REALLY pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I purchased these purple pants!

2017-10-28 12.09.58

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but I rarely purchase pants at the thrift. But for $2.69, I thought I would give these Worthington (JCP) purple pants a try.


2017-10-28 12.09.48

Of course I had no idea how to style them…

they’re PURPLE!!

Luckily, my MIL had given me this embroidered denim jacket (totally on trend right now) that had been sitting in the back of her closet, neglected.

2017-10-28 12.08.37


I know my MIL did not pay $55 for it.


Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 2.09.58 PM

2017-10-28 12.08.24

The jacket kinda/sorta helped pull the look together, but not really.


2017-10-28 12.08.55

Would love to hear your styling suggestions for these pants!





Come on Eileen

I wore this Eileen Fisher vest out and about the other day and felt like Wonder Woman.


But my pose looks kind of Super Hero-ish.


2017-10-29 11.04.45

I AM a super hero when it comes to bargain shopping, there is no doubt in my mind about that!


How much do you think I paid for this super soft and stylish vest?

2017-10-29 11.05.07

2017-10-29 11.05.14

If you guessed $2.99, give yourself a pat on the back!


I really like the neutral palette I have going on in this look.

I added a teeny bit of color to it, with this scarf I scored at an estate sale.

2017-10-29 11.05.54


It is really quite beautiful when unfolded.



2017-10-29 11.04.52

Are you a fan of Eileen?

Come on now…I wanna know!

This is What 56 Looks Like

Over the weekend I had my birthday and got THISMUCHCLOSER to turning 60.


For my birthday I wanted to be super casual…yet elevated.

I think I accomplished that with this look.

2017-11-04 11.57.39

In case you haven’t heard, double breasted jackets are back for A/W 2017.


When I heard the news, I headed to the thrift where I scored this vintage DKNY jacket for $3.99.

2017-11-04 11.57.01


There is a similar one selling on Poshmark for $50.00…

2017-10-09 19.41.07


Right about now you are probably saying to yourself “Wait a minute, yours has a fur collar.”


I decided to zhuzh up my blazer by adding this “fur” collar I picked up for $14.50 (but for me it was free) at Buffalo Exchange.


It helped to balance out the massive shoulder pads in the blazer.


2017-11-04 11.56.33


I used Hollywood Fashion Tape AKA double stick tape to secure it. It worked pretty well considering how windy it was .

2017-11-04 11.56.48


2017-11-04 11.56.14

All in all, I felt comfortable and stylish (and another year older) the whole day.



in case you were wondering what I spent my birthday money on, I present to you…

my birthday haul!

2017-11-04 15.16.10-1

Can you tell I love makeup/skincare??!!


Madewell Dress

People, people, PEOPLE…

it PAYS to know your brands!

The other day I was at Savers, searching for 1930’s fashions.

Why, you ask?

Because I was just cast (in our local community theatre) as Alice Sycamore in “You Can’t Take it With You.”




I decided to search through the nightgowns to see if I could find one that would pass as an evening gown.




Instead, I found this!

2017-10-27 11.13.30

2017-10-27 11.13.20

It’s a Madewell brand shirtdress!


Now, I knew this brand was expensive but I didn’t realize just HOW expensive.

I was shook


when I found the original listing for this  dress (sold in 2015)…

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.04.58 PM

and saw that it sold new for $98.00!!


2017-10-27 11.13.12

Thank goodness I know my brands…

and that Savers thought this was a robe…

and that I made a donation and was given a 20% off coupon…

and that this was tagged at only $5.49 to begin with.

I scored this beauty for $4.39!!


Have a fabulous weekend! Perhaps you should check out your local thrift store???


A Simple Striped Sweater

Happy Wednesday!

Thought I would share with you a recent #OOTD that features a striped sweater that I scored way back in June.

2017-10-22 11.03.12

2017-10-22 11.02.41

2017-10-22 11.03.07 copy

This Jones New York Sweater is seriously super soft and comfortable…

unlike the jeans I was wearing that day.

I moved those to the back of the closet. I WAS going to move them to a donation bag but I have hopes that I can lose some weight and the jeans will fit again.


If you want to be twins with me, I found this exact sweater selling on eBay for $10.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.49.24 PM

Your girl scored it for $4.03.


Sweet Sixteen

My husband and I recently celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary.



On the spur of the moment, we decided to try out a restaurant in the Desert Shores Community in Summerlin called Americana Las Vegas.

The food was delicious, but what was even better was the outstanding service we received from our waiter, Rick.


Thank goodness I had made an effort to look nice, for a change.

2017-10-25 12.11.42

Remember this Two by Vince Camuto plaid blouse (whose colors remind me of Good and Plenty) that I showed during one of my ‘live’ FB thrift hauls?

It retailed new for $89.00.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.03.26 PM

I scored it for $3.74.


What makes it unique is that the sleeves are oversized.

You could even call them a batwing sleeve.

2017-10-25 12.09.58


No, really, am I right?


I decided to pair it with another ‘FREE’ item from Buffalo Exchange…this $15.00 Bolo.


2017-10-25 12.09.48


I know that is not the proper way to wear it, but then again, I’m not always so proper.

2017-10-25 12.10.06


Just ask my husband.


2017-10-25 14.21.13-1


It Got Cold Again!

It did!

Once again, for just one day.

So I took the opportunity to wear a sweater I bought at Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque when I was there last week.

And when I say ‘bought’ I mean I used store credit from when I sold my clothes there over two years ago.


So for FREE I scored this :

2017-10-21 11.50.27

A Free People long sweater.


In fact, it’s brown…one of my least favorite colors.

But it was super soft and cozy and I liked the tassel closures on it.

2017-10-21 11.44.41

2017-10-21 11.43.12

Had I actually had to dish out cash for it, I wouldn’t have purchased it.



2017-10-21 11.50.21

But it was definitely worth FREE.


Have you ever sold clothing to Buffalo Exchange?

Light Layers for Fall

*This is another collaboration with the brand Covered Perfectly. I was gifted this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Fall in Las Vegas is SO different than the Fall I grew up with in NE Ohio.


When I was asked to review another product for Covered Perfectly, the woman owned company whose purpose is to provide flattering, comfortable clothing for women over 50, I knew just what I was going to try.



Check out one of their newest items, the Popcorn Jacket!



In all honesty, for some reason I thought it was going to be more ‘popcorn’ like. You know, with little balls on it. Here is the photo from the website.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.22.26 PM

In actuality, the material is a very soft and very delicate woven thread.


Here are some close-up pictures.

waist up close

side up close

The main woven ‘popcorn‘ of cream is paired with thread that is two tone…gray and black.


I thought the colors combined perfectly with those in this cherry print blouse.



full front





And since I’m known for always having at least one thrifted item on me, I added in a recent find from the GW in Albuquerque, NM

Front w:purse


This patent leather clutch that was a tad pricey at $7.99, but you know…




I really like this jacket. I ordered my usual size (Medium) and the fit was perfect. It is the perfect light layer for Fall if you live in a warmer climate.

Keep in mind…the material, like I stated previously, is very delicate. My ring got caught on it but I was able to get it uncaught without doing any damage to the jacket.

I definitely don’t have anything else like it in my closet and I think it makes a nice addition to it.

Use code TMO20 to save 20% off up to two items OR take advantage of their Buy 2 Get 1 free (any combination) promotion they currently have going on.

Keep in mind only one promo code will work.


Click HERE to start shopping.


FYI : You can check out my review of their cold shoulder top HERE.



Lucky Me

Sometimes when thrifting, you just get lucky. Such is the case with this recent find, a Chico’s Zenergy jacket.

2017-10-06 10.10.57

Now, as you all know, Chico’s is pretty pricey, even at the thrift store, in this case, at Goodwill.

All the Chico’s items I ran across that day were priced at $15.99…except this one.

It was marked at only $7.99. I shopped on a day it was 40% off and scored it for $4.79!

2017-10-06 10.11.09

As blingy as it is on the front is as plain as it is on the back.


2017-10-06 10.11.00


Underneath I kept is super simple with this white top I picked up at Marshall’s.

2017-10-06 10.11.34

That plain white tee cost me DOUBLE what I paid for my jacket.


2017-10-06 10.10.57


Have I inspired you to start thrifting yet???

Blue Mood

Why am I in a blue mood, you ask?

It’s because I shopped retail at Zara for this ‘trendy’ shirt and I don’t like it!!

2017-10-02 11.27.37

Yes, of course it was on sale, but for what I paid I could have gotten at least four shirts at the thrift!


2017-10-02 11.25.21


Instead, let’s talk about the part of the outfit I DO like…

2017-10-02 11.26.46

This Missco Hisakazu Takada handbag


was more in my price range.

It was $3.00.

The bandana was an even better purchase.

55 cents at an estate sale.

2017-10-02 11.27.00

I don’t have buyers remorse over either of those purchases.

Have you ever had buyers remorse?

Sweater Weather

It FINALLY got cold enough to break out a sweater, leggings and boots here in Vegas!

2017-09-22 10.45.55

2017-09-22 10.45.37


I thrifted this sweater in June at the GW on Rt 62 in Ohio.


I was thrifting with my sister (who turns 51 today!) and my BF Roberta.

I actually gave my friend first dibs on this but she passed.


The brand is Chatoyant and it’s one of the softest sweaters I own. It’s like wearing a hug.

2017-09-22 10.46.04

Check out what a similar style was selling for.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 8.52.13 PM

Regular $89.00 and selling for $23.00!

I paid four bucks.


Roses are Red

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom lately. In fact, one month from today, it will be twenty years since she passed away.

So today, I decided to wear some of her jewelry that was passed down to me along with this red rose shirt I scored at H&M for 15% off because I donated a bag of clothes!

That’s right, H&M will give you a 15% off coupon when you donate a bag of clothing. The cashier must have liked me because she hooked me up with like, 4 or 5 coupons!


Shout out to my sister for telling me about this donation program!

For some reason, this shirt reminded me of my childhood.

2017-10-01 11.23.24

I’m not sure why.

Hmm…it just dawned on me that my dad loves to grow roses. He even has a rose garden, still to this day.


The three strands of pearls? They all belonged to my mom. One of the strands is from her wedding day.

2017-10-01 11.23.39



Since red is THE color of the season, I decided to go all in!

2017-10-01 11.20.32

2017-10-01 11.23.15



I do love these red Old Navy Rockstar jeans, but these shoes, that I paid $19.59 for from the Dillard’s Clearance center…I really, REALLY, don’t like!!

2017-10-01 11.21.53

The brand is Gianni Bini, which is normally a really good brand, and the regular cost of these shoes were $79.99, so I thought I was getting a really good deal. NOT! They are the flimsiest shoes I have ever worn. Seriously, it’s like they are made out of cardboard. The fact that I really don’t like red shoes (I have no idea why) probably doesn’t help either.


How about we talk about this fab vintage white wicker handbag I scored!

2017-10-01 11.20.14
Wedding rings and Class ring are my mom’s. Bracelet is from an Estate sale : $3.50



This is an original Roger Van S bag from the 1960’s (if my research is correct)


This is an ad I found for a similar Roger Van S bag selling on Etsy for $30.00

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.57.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.56.35 PM

I love researching items I find at the thrift. This husband and wife team started designing handbags in 1945 and won all kinds of fashion awards. They both passed away at the age of 90…him in 2007 and her in 2010.

I found this little gem at the GW on Ft. Apache/Flamingo for just $2.39.

It’s one of my favorite handbag scores, to date.

What is your best handbag score from the thrift?