Inspired By

One of my favorite bloggers to follow is Cassie from ‘Hi Sugarplum’. She has great style and wears items that are totally in my wheel house.

When I came across this image, I knew I had everything in my closet to recreate this look.

Here is my version.

Pretty spot on, huh!

This white top is the brand ‘Made by Johnny’ and is my first fashion purchase from Amazon. At $16.25, it’s pricier than the thrift, but the quality is there, so I think it’s worth the price. I meant to take a picture of it without the jacket on, but I totally forgot.

I also forgot to put down my bottle of water… lol

I don’t have pierced ears, so I added in the pop of pink through this scarf I scored at an estate sale. It still had the Stein Mart tag on it. I’m sure I paid less than $1 for it.

My thrifted item is this Levi’s denim jacket that I scored years ago for under $10. I’m actually on the hunt for another one. I want one that is a lighter wash and oversized.

I haven’t went thrifting since my birthday . I’m trying to be more thoughtful in my purchases, so I’ve actually made a list and I’m going to try my best to stick to it.

We shall see…



The Winning Look

Thanks to all of you, this is what I wore for Thanksgiving!

THIS look was a close second.

I must say, you all made the right choice. I was comfy and cozy AND I liked the way it looked WITHOUT the jacket on.

The thrifted part of this look is this INC (Macy’s) shirt that I scored at Savers for only $3.89. The necklace and bracelet are an old Goodwill score. The faux fur scarf is an old estate sale find.

This shirt actually had a lot of interesting details that don’t really show up in the photo. If you notice, it only has one front pocket and the first two buttons down the placket don’t have corresponding button holes.

Also down the front placket was this…

Excuse the way the photo looks. I swear it didn’t look like this IRL.

I actually had to thread the material through the hole and THEN button it.

With all that being said, the MOST interesting feature, which I didn’t discover until halfway through the day, is that the shirt had POCKETS!

So I guess you could say it’s a shacket!

My MIL really liked my sweater and she should, because she picked it out for me!

For my birthday, I took her to TJMaxx and had her style me.

We had so much fun!

What I really liked about this sweater, besides the pockets, is this…

A HOOD! Which was perfect because it literally rained from noon until 7PM.

Thanks so much for taking the time to vote. It really meant a lot to me and it made getting dressed SO much easier!

I need to have you guys pick out my #OOTD more often.

You did GOOD! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒ


Your Opinion

With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow and the forecast is 45 degrees and rain, I put together some looks that I want your opinion on.

Each look features the same shoe, Naturalizer (brand) rain boots from TJ Maxx.

I want to be comfortable, so all the looks feature leggings AKA stretchy pants.

We have not one, but TWO Thanksgiving meals that day. The first one at noon with my stylish MIL and the second at 4pm at my friends house with like, 20 other people.

I always like to represent my thrift style in everything I wear, so at least one item in each look is from the thrift.

I won’t go into the details of each look right now. but eventually they will all be featured on the blog and then I’ll break each look down.

For now, I’ll tell you which item in the look is from the thrift.

Besides telling me which look you think I should wear, I’m curious to know the reason why you picked it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Thrifted blazer and necklace.


Thrifted tank, necklace, bracelet and sweater.


Thrifted turtleneck and necklace.


Thrifted blouse.


Thrifted necklace.

Comment down below your pick of what I should wear and why.


Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Pastel Vibes

So, last week the temps dropped below 50 degrees, so I broke out a blanket scarf!

Pastels are totally not my vibe, but I was drawn to this one when shopping at Ross during ‘old people discount day’.

In case you didn’t know, those of us 55 and older get 10% off every Tuesday. What’s nice is that they always ask me if I’m old enough and then act surprised when I tell them I’m 58.

It’s always a feel good moment for me. 😊

Anyhow, I paid $12 for the scarf and paired it with this Ann Taylor blue sweater that I thrifted at the beginning of the year for $3.59 from Goodwill.

The details of the sweater are all in the back.

Yeah, she tiiiiight.

I’m working on that.

My son told me that I put my shirt on backwards.

He’s so funny.

My husband told me that I looked like a ski bunny.

I totally get that.

I think my rain boots had something to do with it.

Yes, it’s been raining here. I feel like I’m back in Ohio with the gloomy skies above.

But unlike Ohio…

49 degrees in Vegas, with the sun out, is actually warm.

Too warm for a blanket scarf.



Built in Accessory

I love it when my clothing comes with it’s own accessory.

Such is the case with this RO&DE shirt I picked up recently for only $2.89.

How cool is it, that the scarf is attached?!

It made for a cute and casual look for a day running errands with the hubby.

Side note: for those of you asking about the socks I wear with my mules/slides?

These are ‘toe cappers’ I bought at the Steve Madden store.

There are several kinds. You need to get the ones made out of a sock material NOT the ones made out of hosiery material.

These stay put all day long. πŸ‘πŸ»

Hope this helps!


The Shacket

Do you know what a ‘shacket’ is?

I think I might have talked about it before in a previous post.

It’s a shirt/jacket and I recently came across one at Savers.

I almost decided against thrifting this Artisan de Luxe shacket .

Then I made a huge discovery…


So of course I had to spend the $3.23 to buy it.

Plus, I really liked the style of it too. Check out the back!

I’m a sucker for any item that does all the pattern mixing for me.

I accessorized the look with this necklace my sister bought me on a trip she took to Europe.

Based on the fact that it’s a bicycle, where do you think she went?


I Tried Stitch Fix

In case you didn’t know, Stitch Fix is a service where you have an online stylist that picks out your clothing and sends it straight to your door.

I blame my sister for this…

and half of a sleeping pill. πŸ€ͺ

Here’s what happened.

My sister thought I should be a stylist for this company. So one night, when I had trouble sleeping, I decided to go on their website and see what was up. They actually did have stylist jobs available, just not here in Vegas.

Well, one thing led to another, including that half of a sleeping pill and the next thing I knew, I had a Stitch Fix scheduled. πŸ€”πŸ€£

For a $20 styling fee you get three months of ‘fixes’. Usually it’s $20 each month but they have to get to know your style so they give you a break in price at the beginning.

So, I went online and filled out the style questionnaire and then they show you a bunch of clothes and you rate them and that’s how they determine your style. I said I liked patterns and really unique items.

What I discovered is that the clothing they style you in is pretty basic. I mean, it’s good quality but nothing makes you say ‘WOW’! You also put down the price you are willing to spend but ‘not more than $5’ wasn’t an option. 🀣

Here’s what came in my first ‘stitch fix’.

This jacket was super cozy AND had pockets, but it was too tight.

I like the polka dots, but the shirt didn’t really do anything for me.

I REALLY loved the pattern on this top, but it was too big.

Originally, I had put down that I was a size 8 in jeans, but then I got real with myself and put down a size 10.

Apparently my stylist didn’t get the memo because she sent me an 8.

They also sent me this lightweight sweater.

I ended up buying this, because I didn’t want to lose out on the $20 styling fee. I thought it was green, but it turns out, it’s more of a teal.

Side note : The lighting in my bedroom is nonexistent. I’m always surprised when I walk outside and see the true color of what I’m wearing. 😜

You also get to add in ‘extra’s if you want, so I added in this. I’ve heard so much about these Free People bralettes, so I was super excited to give it a try.

Umm…let’s just say it was a no and leave it at that.

They also send you styling suggestions for each item.

And of course, they send you the invoice.

Notice the 25% off discount if you purchase everything they send you.I guess that’s not a bad deal.

I forgot to mention, you only have three business days to decide what you want to keep and what you are sending back. Personally, I think that is too quick of a turnaround. I mean, Amazon Wardrobe gives you a whole week to decide.

My next ‘fix’ is coming on December 5th. This time around, I told my stylist that I’m only interested in athleisure wear.

I’ll be sure and share with you what she sends.

Have you tried Stitch Fix?


Changing up my Style

Now that I’m THISCLOSE to turning 60, really, I JUST want to be comfortable.

Yes…cute and stylish too.

So, with that in mind, I purchased some Umbro athleisure clothing from Target.

This brand of clothing is SO soft and comfortable!! (and really good quality)

Because the mornings (and evenings) are still chilly here in Vegas, I decided to pair them with this really cool jacket I scored at Buffalo Exchange when I was in Albuquerque.

The brand is YMI Jeans and was pretty pricey at $14.00. However, I really liked the acid wash and the patches so I bought it.

I really liked these pants so much, that I also bought them in a burgundy color.

Umm…They are like a second skin, so if they shrink, I’m screwed.

Like, I might actually have to start exercising in these WORKOUT clothes.



What I Wore for my Birthday

Usually, on my birthday, I like to dress up. This year, that just didn’t happen. I was going to wear that leopard print jacket you saw in my last post, with a black dress underneath but I decided I JUST wanted to be comfortable and super casual, so at the last minute I threw on this.

That’s right, I decided to wear my new (too tight) Gap camo pants ($50).

Umm…how is that even comfortable? Yeah, it’s not.

And on top of it, I threw on this old (and obviously too small now) denim shirt from Loft. OMG, I didn’t even iron it before I wore it.

Side note: I bought a new one at Target to replace this one.

I DO love my ‘Gucci’ inspired shoes though, that I got from Aldo, that my dad paid for part of. (I only had to pay $20 toward it.) #SCORE

I can’t believe I didn’t even wear anything thrifted. That’s SO unlike me.

For my birthday lunch, we ended up at this real bougie restaurant here in Vegas called Vintner Grill.

Oh my gosh! I was SO underdressed. It’s definitely a ‘ladies who lunch’ and a ‘power business’ lunch spot.

Did I care? Yeah, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the delicious meal they served me.

Happy Birthday to me!!


This is What 58 Looks Like

So, last Monday I turned 58!!!

On my next post, I will share what I actually wore ON my birthday, but today’s post is what I wore the day AFTER my birthday ( for a Happy Hour with friends) because, well, this is a way cuter look.

Side note: my friend showed up in a leopard print tunic. #GreatMinds

I am LIVING for this SILK leopard print jacket!!!! I’ve had it hanging in my closet waiting for JUST the right moment to wear it.

Yes, of course it’s thrifted. The brand is Hella Barbara Rank (Santa Barbara) and I only paid $7.49 for it!

It’s got ties at the sleeves and the coolest buttons!

Did I mention that it’s double breasted and could totally be worn as a dress?

Well, not on me because I can’t really button it right now, but hey, I DID get on that elliptical machine again and didn’t die, so there’s that. 😜🀣

Let’s break down the rest of the look.

Also thrifted is that Ralph Lauren Grecian Golden discs necklace. I couldn’t find what it originally sold for, but I did find that it had a matching bracelet, that sold at BLOOMINGDALES! Savers was asking $14.99 but between discounts and coupons I paid only $5.49.

Hmm, looks like I should have cropped this photo. #Lazy

The Theodore California purse was an estate sale find for $1.50. I like how it opens.

The super comfy and soft sweater is another Time and Tru Walmart find. I paid $14.96. I liked it SO much, I bought it in 4 other colors.

The jeans were definitely a spurge. I shopped at Madewell for the first time (the clearance rack) and paid $80 for these. Come to think of it, that’s actually a steal for that brand. The booties came from my go-to store for shoes, Marshall’s! If you haven’t shopped there yet, you are missing out. Like, for real, for real.

I felt cute and confident in this #ootd, which I haven’t felt in a while, so it was nice feeling this way again, especially at age 58.

What do YOU wear to feel confident?


I Went Retail Shopping…Again

That’s right, as if the sticker shock from my last Retail shopping wasn’t enough, my son and I heading to the Las Vegas Strip and went shopping at Fashion Show Mall.

This was part two of my birthday shopping, because ONCE is never enough. πŸ˜‰

For today’s outing I wanted to be super comfortable and of course, stylish so I busted out this Diane Gilman SILK blend long cardigan that I scored for only $3.94.

Side note : I also kept ‘busting out’ of this blouse, until my husband reminded me about my stash of Hollywood Fashion tape.

What would I do without him?!

I paired it with another recent purchase, these $18.74 Time and Tru Sculpted Jeggings from Walmart!

I’m going out on a limb here and totally recommending these! No, I haven’t washed them yet, so keep that in mind.

How did the shopping go? Well, in one bougie store, I was telling the employee how I found one of their expensive jackets at Goodwill selling for only $9.99.

Needless to say, he said I had inspired him to go check out the thrift for himself.

Actually, that’s what I hope to accomplish with my blog…to show all of you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.

Do I do that?

I hope so.

So, what did I buy?

Well, my dad had sent me money for my birthday, so I bought a pair of ‘Gucci’ inspired tennis shoes at Aldo’s at 30% off.

Then, I FINALLY found a pair of camo jeans.

On sale at the Gap for 40% off, they STILL cost me $50!!

Side note: they BARELY fit me, but I refuse to go up yet another size.

Another side note: Because my HUSBAND wanted it, we recently bought an elliptical type machine, that I have gotten on ONCE for three minutes, where my heart rate immediately went up to 178 and the machine kept beeping at me because apparently I was dying.

It’s staring at me right now, as I lay on the couch shoving another peanut M&M into my mouth, from the 250 piece bag of Halloween candy that we bought for ALL the trick or treaters that never come because we live in a senior community.

#PleaseSendHelp πŸ€ͺ


How to Make Vintage Look Modern

Lately, I’ve really been into anything and everything Vintage. So, when I came across this mohair sweater by A Devon Original at Savers for only $2.88, I picked it up QUICK!

I knew, exactly what necklace I was going to pair with it, this vintage one that I scored for just $1.00 at an estate sale.

If any of you know anything about what this is made of, or how old it is, I would love to know!

Here’s a closer look.

The baubles kind of remind me of old glass Christmas ornaments.

Now, how to make this look more modern took some thought.

My first thought was just to pair it with a basic white tee, but THEN, I looked around my overflowing closet and spotted my No Boundaries neon tank from Walmart ($5.96) and noticed that it was THE EXACT shade that was in one of the beads of the necklace!

So, I paired it with that, some distressed denim and my go-to Adidas and came up with this look.

It turned out OH-kay, but believe it or not, I received compliments from three different people when I wore it, and they ALL complimented me on the color combination!

It just goes to show what I usually try to do…

take your inspiration from the colors of your accessories.

Do you do that when styling your outfits?


Victorian Vibes

Last week, on Halloween, I took my MIL for an eye appointment and decided to wear this…

I must admit, I kinda sorta felt like this upcycled hoodie was a bit on the costume-y side.

To me, for some reason, it reminds me of something the Beatles wore back in the day.

My son asked me why I was wearing doilies.

When my MIL saw me she said, “Oh, I didn’t recognize you. You look like a little girl.”

That’s when I realized that this looks Victorian. After all, my MIL was born in 1926 and I’m guessing that this was in style when SHE was a little girl?!

Either way, I fit right in with my ‘costume’. πŸ˜‰

Side note:

Here is Adam, on the far right (with his co-workers) as the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland.

He and I put his costume together for $20 with pieces from Savers, of course! I even convinced ‘Alice’ to buy her costume from Savers. She had never stepped foot inside a thrift store before. Needless to say, she was impressed AND overwhelmed, as first time thrifters usually are.


Eighteen Years

The hubby and I celebrated 18 years of wedded bliss this week!

I tried to get some selfies of us together but they just didn’t turn out, so all you get are photos of me. πŸ€ͺ

For this special occasion, that we celebrated by doing a tiny bit of retail shopping and going out to dinner with friends, I wore this.

I spotted this white Talbot’s jacket in my MIL’s closet and she graciously gifted it to me, after she wore it out to lunch with us.

Isn’t it FAB?! I love the buttons.

This Tahari sleeveless blouse ($3.32) was the perfect piece to layer under the jacket. Why? Because without the jacket over it, you can see that it’s really too tight. Yikes!

I added another pair of Steve Madden mules to my collection.

I’m glad I figured out that by going up half a size and wearing those socks that just cover your toes, these type of shoes actually stay on my feet! Who knew?

For the most part, I was pretty comfortable in this look and my husband told me I looked great.

Isn’t that all that really matters?

I think so…


A Sheer Jacket

Welcome to Fall in Las Vegas, where even a sheer jacket is too hot to wear in late October!

I’ve been holding onto this blush brand sheer jacket, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it.

Isn’t it cool?! It was $5.00 at the Salvation Army.

I thought it would be perfect to wear to the Vintage Market Days (an outdoor event) this past Saturday. I’ll share my thoughts on that event at the end of the post.

At 74 degrees outside, this sheer jacket turned out to be too hot!.

I styled it up with a pair of $29.99 Levi’s from my recent retail birthday shopping along with this all LEATHER crossbody bag I scored at Goodwill for only $3.59!

I recently started my Poshmark closet, where I have been quite busy selling clothes from my closet.

Of course, I’ve also been buying items from other Poshmark closets. Check out these BRAND NEW Stan Smith Adidas that I got.

I’ve been wanting a pair for a while, so I dished out $50 for them.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money but you know I will spend money on shoes.

So, let me share my thoughts on the Vintage Market Days.

It sucked.

I was there to find unique, handmade, artisan pieces.

Instead, there were vendors there from the local swap meet/flea market here in Vegas and we spent $10 each for admission!

Anyhoo, I walked away with two items.

First, we walked by a booth and the vendor said, we take offers. So, I made her an offer of $20 (she was only asking $23) for this really cool faux fur vest WITH POCKETS!

I really like the taupe color and the curly ‘fur’ of it.

Then, I walked by a booth of really cool hoodies. The owner sells on etsy and her shop is called beloise. She sells repurposed~recycled~clothing.

I bought this for $50.

She was asking $65.

I really like the whole ‘romantic Victorian’ vibe it has going on. I like that tee shirt she sewed onto the back of it too.

Was it pricey? Yes.

Is it unique. Yes

Am I glad I bought it? Yes.

Well, actually my husband bought it for me because tomorrow is our 18th wedding anniversary.

Thanks honey!


Neutral Territory

Happy Friday!

Today I’m styling up a look that incorporates pieces from the thrift, my recent retail shopping and from Marshall’s. Oh! Did you know you can shop at Marshall’s ONLINE, now?! I’m super excited about that. Marshall’s has become my go-to store for shoes along with skincare. They have the best deals!

The look starts off with this Sanctuary linen jacket, that appears just a tad too snug on me. πŸ€” It wasn’t like that when I purchased it…

back in JANUARY!

It’s a good thing I only paid $2.74 for it!

I paired it with this recent find from Savers. This Chico’s shirt was pretty pricey at $4.16. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it’s hard to pass up Chico’s at the thrift. You’ve seen this thrifted necklace before. I actually dropped it and broke a piece off, but there is so much going on, you don’t even notice. My necklace is MIL approved. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰

I finished off the look with these gray-ish/black Levi’s that I bought at Macy’s. I think they are OKAY. To be honest, I was swayed by the $17.97 price tag. Regular price was $59.50. No way are these worth $60.

I’m going to look for some Levi’s at the thrift. I hear that the ones with the orange tab are vintage and worth some $$$.

The shoes? They cost the most at $39.99. Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind spending money on shoes.

What item of clothing do YOU not mind spending more on?


The Matrix Jacket

Last week, my youngest son took me out for some PRE-Birthday retail shopping.

Don’t you just love his #OOTD?! Unlike his mother, he’s NOT afraid of color.

He never lets me take photos of him or post them, but since this day was all about ME, he made an exception.

Today, I decided to wear this “Matrix’ looking black jacket that I scored from the thrift for $4.35.

I paired it with a Nordstrom ‘dupe’ cami from Walmart. Yes, Walmart! The brand is LOVE SADIE and can only be purchased online. I also have this cami in black and in leopard print. I also bought a leopard ‘silky type’ skirt from this brand.

I purchased this fun bag, last year from the VINTAGE MARKET DAYS OF SOUTHERN NEVADA.

In fact, this event (on the lawn at Downtown Summerlin) takes place again, this Friday-Sunday October 25-27.


Maybe I’ll see you there?

Last year, one of my readers was there. She said that she felt like she knew me, which is a real compliment.



I have to tell you, I spent the majority of this retail shopping trip complaining about the prices. Seriously, once you have spent so much time in a thrift store, it’s really hard to spend more than $7.00 for anything.

I was on the lookout for some specific items which I ended up coming across and dished out the money for, but it hurt…

real bad. 😜

Are you in sticker shock when you go retail shopping?


Fall-ish Style

It’s really hard to dress for Fall when the temps are in the 80’s most days here in Vegas. I know, I know, you have NO sympathy for me what so ever. LOL

I thought this outfit I wore the other day looked Fall appropriate but also cool enough for the warm weather.

The colors in this Mystic top are perfect for Fall!

The fact that the top is sheer, makes it perfect for Fall in Las Vegas.

The fact that the top was only $2.49 made it perfect for my wallet. πŸ˜‰



I Needed Color

Happy Friday AND Happy Birthday to my sister!

I thought it would be interesting to share this photo of her, my dad and yours truly. I’m not really sure how old we are in this photo…our 30’s maybe???

But today, Annette is 53.

All I can remember from this night is that another girl showed up wearing this EXACT same dress as me.

I told her she had good taste. πŸ˜‰

Okay, back to today’s post.

I wore this top from Walmart, which is the same Madewell dupe I recently showcased, but in a different color.

Unfortunately, this color did NOTHING for me…

Neither did this pose. πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚

Also, I felt like I was wearing a maternity top.

I didn’t feel ANY of those vibes in the other color.

So, to remedy the situation, I threw on this FABULOUS Trina Turk scarf that I scored from a girlfriend.

The colors in this make me SO happy and was JUST what I needed to make this outfit ‘pop’.

I’m curious…

What colors make YOU happy???


Another Happy Hour Look

If you live in Vegas, Happy Hours are available seven days a week and start as early as 2 pm!


The prices on drinks and food are really quite inexpensive, so it’s a great time to meet up with friends.

So that is what we did last Tuesday and this is what I wore.

Originally, I was going to dress up, but instead decided to go with this (new with a $59 tag) thrifted boho top.

FYI : I only paid $6.28 for it.

The brand is Love Stitch and I’m totally digging the whole boho vibe of it.

I also love the fact that it hid my belly too. πŸ˜‰

So, what did my friend wear???





Super Casual Style

In case you hadn’t noticed, my style has become pretty casual.

On this occasion, I went super casual.

How do you like those shoes?!!

I bought these in the boy’s shoe section at Marshall’s. I discovered that a women’s 7 is the same as a boy’s 5.5 and the prices are WAY cheaper! I paid under $35 for these Adidas.

This striped Gap tee still had the price tag on it. I scored it for $3.25. I like the tie detail on the side. Plus, it was super comfy.

The perfect outfit to wear out and about…

to the BUFFET!

Yes, we are still doing that experiment.

I’ll let you know the numbers when the month is over…

but not the numbers on the scale.



Zhuzh It Up

On a recent trip to visit my MIL, I didn’t feel like dressing up.


I tried to zhuzh up this 99 cents tee shirt from Savers with a scarf.

But not just ANY scarf, but a scarf I scored at an estate sale.

Not just ANY estate sale, but the estate sale of Christine McGuire of THE McGuire sisters!

I scored it for $3.00.


So, apparently I didn’t look too bad because my MIL didn’t say anything.

She, on the other hand looked stylish as always, pairing a striped tee with pants that had tiny polka dots on them.

Did I mention that she’s 93?!




I knew it was going to happen.

We were invited to attend a 90th birthday party and originally I had intended to wear a cute boho style leopard print dress from Walmart. Well, when I tried it on again, I realized it wasn’t that flattering. #PotatoSack

Then, I thought about wearing a cute little dress from Goodwill, but it was too summery.

Plus, truth be told, I just really wanted to hide the weight I’ve gained.

So I went with this…

A party on the top and underdressed on the bottom.

The top is, of course, thrifted. The brand is Spense and it set me back $3.39.

I love the 70’s vibe it has going on. Plus, I was able to wear that Chico’s necklace again. I’m trying to get my $15 out of it. #CostPerWear

So, how was everyone dressed at the party?

They had on dresses!!!!!!


I need to trust my instinct next time.



Happy Friday!

To help BRIGHTEN your day, I thought I’d share with you an outfit I wore that features this ‘Lunar Glow’ neon $5.96 top from Walmart.

Side note: the Loft necklace is a $5.20 score from St. Vincent de Paul in Albuquerque.

In case you haven’t heard, NEON is on trend for Fall 2019. I thought this sleeveless mock neck would make for a good layering piece and be an inexpensive way to rock the trend.

I wore it with another pair of $16.94 Walmart paper bag waist pants that I purchased but then realized that they are not that flattering but ‘oh well’.

I also took the opportunity to wear this Jessica Moore $6.28 white backpack.

Although I wear my white denim a TON during the Fall, for some reason, I feel awkward with a white handbag.

Do you carry a white handbag in the Fall?

Hey, I’m just excited that I switched out my handbag for a change. πŸ˜‰


I Got Smart

That’s right folks! After suffering with too tight pants while eating at the buffet, I got smart…

and wore stretchy pants!

And you thought I was going to say that I stopped eating at the buffet. HAH!!

Actually, we are doing an experiment to see if we save more money by eating out vs. grocery shopping. Actually, so far eating out is proving to be the cheaper option.

So, for our most recent trip to the buffet (Buy one get one free) I wore this SUPER comfortable (but probably not the most flattering, but that didn’t stop me from buying it in black too) pair of paper bag waist pants from Walmart.

I really like the feel of these pants and was going to give them super high marks and totally recommend them to all of you, but then I washed them.

The material now has almost a ‘pilling’ all over it and the pants look as if I only spent $16.94 on them. #TheActualCost

Needless to say, when I wash the black ones, I will NOT throw them in the dryer.

Plus, as you can see, they wrinkled really easily. The material is 100% LYOCELL.

Anyone know what that is???



Madewell Dupe

If you saw my post on Friday, you know that I have jumped on the ‘dupe’ bandwagon. Thanks to an account called daisy_dupes on Instagram, I was able to secure this Madewell dupe from Walmart!

Oh my gosh, I’m really digging this shirt! FYI, at my local Walmart, the cost was only $14.98

I styled up the shirt with a vintage Alexis Kirk necklace that I scored at an estate sale for $3.00 along with this Noonday bag that was $1.99 from Savers.

Here’s a close up of my $3.00 Alexis Kirk necklace.

Check out the price of this similar Alexis Kirk necklace I found selling on the internet.

Isn’t that crazy?!

The shoes are also a recent Walmart find and I LOVE the style of them BUT…they were SO uncomfortable! They were pretty pricey too, costing me $24.98. They are my normal size but are actually too big. I wore them with some peds (is that what those nylon no show socks are called)? I’m going to try the shoes again with either no socks or thicker socks to see if that helps.

I actually ended up stopping back home, just so I could change my shoes! I wanted to change my mysteriously too tight jeans also, but didn’t have time.

The quality of this shirt is really nice. I have already washed it and let it air dry as opposed to throwing it in the dryer.

It also comes in cream (which I also bought) and Chambray, which I was surprised that I didn’t like on me.

Confession: I might have unbuttoned my pants because I was THAT miserable…

as I stuff another cookie in my mouth.

Is that TMI?




MIL Approved

Every week, we go and visit my fashionista 93 year old MIL. On my most recent visit, I decided to style up this $3.38 Chico’s top from Savers.

She LOVED it!

She looked me up and down and gave me her Seal of Approval.

That’s high praise because she never hesitates to tell me when she DOESN’T like what I’m wearing.😳

I paired the top with this shell necklace from an estate sale…

which I’ve already worn twice.

Along with my newest handbag…

this Louis Vuitton ‘dupe’ that I scored on Amazon for only $35.99.

Have you jumped on the ‘dupe’ bandwagon yet? If so, please share your recommendations in the comments!


I Fought for This One

Last week I hit up my local Goodwill and got into a fight over this top.

Okay, the fight wasn’t with a person, it was with the hanger that this top was attached to. I really don’t like when the clothes are so crammed on the rack that you can’t see what is there.

But, when I spied this Papermoon brand top. I just KNEW I had to have it!

I love the color, the flowers, the cut and ESPECIALLY the price!

Only $2.69!

Would you have fought for this top?


Fall is Here!

Happy first day of Autumn! The temps finally dipped below 90, so it was the perfect time to style up a pair of jeans. 😜

OMG, these jeans were tiiiight…and I wore them to go out to eat…to a BUFFET.


I did, however, make the right decision to purchase this jacket and tee from Savers.

This Style&Co linen jacket is the perfect weight for Fall and the price was a STEAL at only $2.08. The tee was another of my 99 cents one and says “Your Vibe attracts your Tribe” and that is SO true!

Needless to say, the next time I hit up the buffet, I won’t be wearing jeans.



What I’ve Been Wearing

Happy Friday!!

Today I’m sharing allllll the looks I’ve been wearing (because I want to post the rest of the photos on my phone, so I can be up to date.) After all Fall is officially here!

Some are hits, some are misses, but this is real life.

Here goes.

This was the summer of the Walmart dress.

This striped one was on sale for $5.00

The black one was full price at around $10. Of course, I like it better because it’s way more versatile.

Check out the two ways I wore it.

First, the ‘dressy’ version.

What do you think of that teak wood necklace? I scored it for $5.00 from the ALLV.

Then I went in the total opposite direction and styled it very ‘Mother Earth’.

I had to dish out some dollar bills for those shoes when I was in ABQ. My feet were hurting so…

That leopard scarf is a 33 cents estate sale find. I actually like how this look turned out. I was SUPER comfortable in it.

This next look is a miss.

I SO wanted to love these $4.40 NYDJ denim crop pants with the cute neon green detail. But as you can tell, the length is just all wrong. I’ve worn these twice now and well, I give up.

I’m on the fence about this next look, but really, I must not like it because I’ve already donated it back to Savers.

I tried three different ways to style up this $4.85 Free People shirt. Look 3 is how I ended up wearing it. #thankskenna 😍 It was just too much fabric. That, along with the fact that I discovered two small holes in the back, helped me make my decision.

This next look has ‘preppy’ written all over it.

I actually really like these $3.24 navy blue Charter Club pants. They are SUPER comfortable. Not sure how I feel about my styling. I think I can do better. I’ll share these pants again.

This last and final look makes me laugh. When I asked my husband what it reminded him of he said “A maternity top?”

I just laughed and said “NO! It looks like hospital scrubs to me!” LOL

Anyhow, I was on a quest to find ‘fat friendly’ tops and this Asian brand Hawaiian top came across my path for just $3.05.

I really liked the detail of the pattern and buttons, PLUS the fact that it’s linen (I think).

Should I keep it or donate it back? Let me know.

Also, let me know what YOU think are the hits and misses.

#BeKind πŸ₯°


I Bought Target Tees at the Thrift

If you have ever thrifted with me, you know that I always say never to buy Target and Walmart at the thrift. Why? Because it’s cheap enough new. Plus, I like to thrift expensive, unique items, but that’s just me…and you…if you are thrifting with me…am I right???

Well, I broke my own rule when I was in ABQ. I came across not one but TWO brand spanking new (one which is still selling IN TARGET) tee shirts for the low, low cost of just $2.59.

Up first is this striped Universal Threads tee. I’ve purchased several of these this summer and the lowest I’ve paid at Target is $6.00.

Look at me! I’m actually OUT somewhere! Any guesses???

The second tee is very French. πŸ˜‰

What?! I’m actually out and about AGAIN? Do you know where I am?

Also, I’m really getting my money’s worth out of this Walmart camouflage skirt. It goes with EVERYTHING!


A Couple Pairs of Shorts

Today I’m sharing two pairs of shorts from Savers end of summer clearance sale.

I really liked both pairs…

Just not on me. LOL

Up first are these NWT Caslon shorts (sold at Nordstrom). The cost? $4.27.

I REALLY like this pattern and of course the colors, but the length was just a tad too long and if I’m being honest, the fit was too tight. I styled them pretty basic with just a little bit of zhuzh. I wore this to a friend’s house for a casual dinner.

These next shorts (NY&CO linen shorts for $1.42) are the complete opposite.

I had to crop most of the shorts out of the photo. These were a tad too short. The fit was comfortable but how I felt in them was very UN-comfortable.

BUT, I did really love the necklace and the bracelet I paired with it!

Both were scored during my recent thrift trip to ABQ. I paid full price ($9.00) for this Chico’s necklace at the Assistance League of ABQ and the (Made in Indonesia) wood clasp bracelet was a GW find for $2.24. I’ve been wearing the bracelet a lot.

I seriously doubt that I will wear either of these shorts again.

It looks like I need to start selling on Poshmark…


A Couple of Tees

During National Thrift Shop Day back in August, I decided to hit up Savers 99 cents tee shirt sale. Now, tee shirts are one of the things I never look at when thrifting. I find that they are usually pretty worn looking, but I actually managed to find seven tees that looked good. Today, I’m showing you two.

Up first, from the MEN’S section…

Isn’t the back FUN? I love the color too. I liked it paired with the white shorts.

Up next, from the LADIE’S section is this striped US POLO tee.

I LOVE that pop of orange!

Can we take a moment to discuss the pricing between these tees? The men’s tee retails at only $1.49, so really 99 cents is not that big of a savings. The ladies tee? Regular price was $5.49! Why is that?


Okay, I’m done with my rant. πŸ€ͺ

I’ve really been enjoying the casual vibe of the whole tee and sneaker look. It’s been my go-to all summer long.

What’s your go-to look?


You Chose the Shoes

About a month ago, I did a poll on Instagram, asking which shoe I should wear with my OOTD.

Here was that photo.

Now, the one on the left is a recent purchase that I have yet to wear. Believe it or not, this shoe is THE hardest shoe I have ever tried to style. Who knows if I will ever wear it. Thank goodness it was WAY cheap.

With that being said, I’m sure you’ve already figured out the winning shoe was the ‘right’ one.

I totally agree with everyone on their shoe pick. It goes perfect with my OOTD.

The thrifted item in my look is this NY&CO colorful tunic…which I LOVE!

Can you believe it only cost me $3.89?!

Of course you can! πŸ˜‰

BUT, can you believe I stepped foot in an actual RETAIL store?! AND it was CHICO’S???

I NEVER go in there. Why? Other than the fact that I find tons of Chico’s at the thrift, the customer service is lacking (to put it nicely).

Anyhoo, I went deep into the back of the store and came up with this necklace.

I love all the colors in it, so I decided to spend the $14.98 for this FINAL SALE item.

Would you have spent the money on it? BTW regular price was $59.50.


No offense though.

Just sayin’.


Girlfriend Shorts and a Football Tee

Happy Friday! Football season is in full swing, not that I’m interested in it, BUT I did score this cute tee at Savers for only 99 cents!

I paired it with the OTHER pair of WHBM shorts I scored.

These ‘girlfriend’ style denim shorts were only $4.27. They are a tad big but they are super comfortable.

Did you notice I’m wearing my BASSO shark shoes? The more I wear them, the easier they are to get on. #thankgoodness

So, I wore this outfit to film a ‘commercial’ for my sister’s business (Diles Market and Cafe) Feel free to like us on FB or follow us on Instagram.

Here is a short snippet for your enjoyment.

BTW that apron is an $1.50 estate sale find. I’m getting QUITE the collection. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€

Do YOU have a collection of aprons?


Next week, I am posting EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

As you know, if you follow me on Instagram, I have been living at the thrift and wearing a ton of the items. Consequently, I have a backlog of photos so…

We are having a thrift-a-palooza next week!

Hope you enjoy it!


Why Do I Buy So Many Purses?

I have NO CLUE why I keep thrifting so many purses! I RARELY switch bags. That is why you never see any in my OOTD.

But TODAY, is a new day, so I’m sharing with you three looks with three different bags, that I actually used!

Up first, a vintage find, I think. Check out the label inside.

It really intrigued me, so I forked over the $3.49 and styled up this red straw clutch.

I paired it with this $4.00 Sunny Leigh (Macy’s) top that I found at Deseret Industries. I really don’t have much luck at that thrift store, so I rarely go there.

Hmm…That photo is not flattering, AT ALL. Or maybe it’s that top.

Oh well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Up next is a fun look with a bag and a tee shirt that I scored at Opportunity Village thrift store.

Can I just say, I really love this Walmart camouflage skirt!

They had a TON of these brand new bags. The brand is Earth Diva’s (made in Nepal). It retailed new for $39.99. OPP Village was asking $5.99 but I scored it for $2.99 because I’m old. #seniordaydiscount

I think this tee is fun!

I really liked how colorful the fish were. It’s actually a men’s tee. I got it for $1.49.

The daisy bracelet is a recent $3.00 score from the ALLV.

My third purse, is an estate sale find.

With snakeskin being on trend for Fall, I forced myself to pay full price for this brand new bag…$5.00. 🀣

I paired it with this $3.00 Ann Taylor top from the Family Thrift Center in ABQ.

I really like the texture of it…

But in reality, I need to face the fact that this style of top is not flattering on me. (As evidenced in the first look).

I WAS however, comfortable in it, so that counts for something.



Tan Shorts Two Ways

Back when Savers had their summer sale, I decided to check out their shorts section. Lo and behold I found not one but TWO pair of White House Black Market shorts!

Today I am showing you two ways I styled the tan ones that I scored for $6.17.

Up first, I paired them with a top I’ve had in my closet for awhile.

This $3.49 thrifted Dressbarn top was a perfect match! I love the pop of pink in it.

Then, last Monday, I scored this Mango tiger print? top for $3.71 and it went perfect too! What you can’t really see is the tiger’s eye chip choker I’m wearing that I got in ABQ at the SA for just $2.00

What do you think of this vintage purse with that really cool handle?

It was a 50 cent find at the ALLV thrift store. I love it!

Oh! To finish off that first look, I paired it with some jewelry I bought in Albuquerque.

The bracelet was purchased at the airport. It’s from an up and coming new artist. The ring is from Gertrude Zachary. I highly recommend that place for jewelry. Everything there is 50% off!! #justthewayilikeit πŸ˜€


A Couple of Boho Tops

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the whole boho look. I like that it’s easy, breezy and hides the old mid-section.

Up first is this Lucky brand top that I was kind of excited about.

I was excited about it, until I discovered that a tassel was missing from one of the strings at the front. Consequently, I had to cut off BOTH strings, which left the top a little less cute, IMHO. Thank goodness I only paid $3.30.

Or MAYBE, I just really was not that crazy about it to begin with. Either way, I wore it out and about with some jeans and added this $3.74 thrifted necklace to it.

Up next is an outfit that I liked MUCH better, but I roasted in it…because it was 100 degrees that day. 😬

This DR2 top still had the black tassels intact.

Which is good because I paid $6.74 for this one. That’s pricey, in my book.

I do really like the pattern.

And how it flows over my midsection.

My sister calls these kind of tops ‘fat friendly’ and I’m here for it.


Friday Night Style

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday NIGHT, I actually got dressed up and went out to dinner! That’s HUGE for me. I’m more of a late morning, stay out until mid-afternoon type of person.

Any-hoo, it gave me an opportunity to wear this cute little black dress.

It’s been sitting in my closet for a couple of months. At first, I thought maybe it was too short to wear without leggings underneath, but when it’s 100 degrees out every day, I decided that it WASN’T too short after all.

The brand is STAND, with the A being an arrow. I’ve never heard of it, but the quality is there and the price was only $6.53. #thankssavers

I paired it with a thrifted little bag…

And this necklace that I scored at a pawn shop in Albuquerque, years ago for around $40.00

Other than my tan lines, I was kind of feeling cute in my Friday night outfit. #justsayin

I think I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and go out at night more often. I’ve still got a ton of cute dresses to be worn! LOL


An Outfit UNDER $4.00?!

Okay, even I can’t believe it , but when I did the math, my top and skirt (basically my whole outfit) came in UNDER $4.00!

I’ve been into graphic tees lately. Since I’ve actually been to the Philippines (Cebu) I decided to grab this BRAND NEW Pusong Pinoy (Manila) tee. It’s from GW and was $1.79. It actually cost MORE than the skirt.

The skirt is a Savers score. The brand is Fenn Wright Manson and the cost was $1.75. Crazy, huh! I like that it’s marled and that it’s stretchy.

So, with all the money I saved with my outfit, I spent on these really cool DB Shark shoes from BASSO. I was watching a YouTube video and saw the person wearing these so I went on a hunt and found them.

The things I buy when I can’t sleep…😴😳

See the shark face on the back? Pretty cool, huh! They are actually pretty comfortable but a pain to get on because of that ‘sock’ shape. Or maybe it’s just because I’m old. 🀣

Either way, I’m glad I ‘sleep’ purchased them.

Have you ever bought something when you were sleep deprived?


Fall Trend Alert : Denim

Even though we are still in the triple digits here in Vegas, I though I would share one of the trends for Fall 2019…denim! This particular denim skirt is a Goodwill find that I actually paid FULL PRICE for!!

I know…WHO AM I?

I really like how distressed it is. Plus, the denim is super soft.

If you know anything about denim, than you know that Hudson brand denim is expensive, so me paying the full price of $9.99 was a steal!

I paired it with another Goodwill find.

This tee shirt is the brand 143 Story by Line Up, which means absolutely nothing to me but the price of $2.99 was right up my alley. So was the tan color and the wash.

I rounded off the look with this necklace that I scored for $1.00 at an estate sale.

Do you shop at the thrift store for the latest trends?


Thrift Trip to ABQ

I’m baaa-aack! Did you miss me? I missed all of you!!

I just got back from a trip to Albuquerque, NM where I met up with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in forever!

What did we do the whole time we were together? THRIFT, of course! So, I thought I would share some of the things we found, along with the thrift stores we visited and my thoughts on each of the stores, just in case you ever get to ABQ and want to know the BEST thrift stores in town.

This trip was about thrifting for my friend, more so than me. I need more clothes, like I need another hole in my head, But I did mange to score a few things…

1-dress 1-purse 11-necklaces 3-bracelets 3-aprons 1-scarf 7-tops and 2-jackets. I scored 30 items for a total cost of $101.92. I actually didn’t think I spent that much money but my receipts say differently, so…

Let’s go thrifting!!

By the way, we hit up a total of 11, yes ELEVEN thrift stores!!

First stop was The Family Thrift Center on Juan Tabo. My very first thrift score EVER was from here.

My girlfriend’s daughter was thrifting too and came across THIS gem.

This find was uh-mazing! Retails new for around $75.00

I managed to score two tops and a tunic that my friend bought but changed her mind and gave to me.

Check it out!

It’s made by Miracle Suit, the expensive swimsuit brand.


Now I just need to lose some weight so that it will fit me better.

Thrift store REVIEW : This store hasn’t changed a bit. Still a TON of treasures to be found here. My friend spent $120.00. Did I mention that this store is CASH ONLY? Wednesday is Senior Day with THREE tags ( instead of two ) at 50% off. They have one aisle labeled their ‘HIGH END DESIGNER’ which rarely goes on sale. My advice? Skip that aisle because the real treasures are found elsewhere in the store and for a LOT less money.

You know what, I don’t want this blog post to go on forever, so let me just share some pics along with the list of stores I recommend. I’ll talk more about the items when I actually wear them. Okay?

I went to Buffalo Exchange with my son and scored this cute little denim jacket.

It looked really good with the black tee and white skirt I was wearing that day.

My son and I also hit up the Goodwill on San Mateo because he had some things to donate.

I scored this dress.

Here’s a picture of all the jewelry I scored, along with a scarf and bag.

There’s turquoise, tiger’s eye and abalone among these items.

The purse is vintage and I love it! It’s a score from the Salvation Army. Lucky us, the entire store was 50% off that day!

I scored these t-shirts at Goodwill. On Mondays the entire store is 25% off, so that is when we went.

Here are some tops from two different stores.

How about this jacket? The brand is 1901 (an in-house brand from Nordstrom.) I got it at GW.

In person the orange is actually a soft peach color.

I was OBSESSED with this $15.00 vintage two piece peignoir set from The Animal Humane Thrift store.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify buying it, but I love it.

One of the main items I’m on the hunt for now, are aprons. Why? Because I have my own ‘cooking’ show that I created for my sister’s business.

Here is the first episode.

Send me your family recipes!

Aprons are REALLY hard to find. I only managed to find three.

Check out this vintage label!

I found a LOT of quality clothing at AMAZING prices for my friend. What is your guess of the price she paid for these two items?

Retail cost for each pair is easily $100

I found these at the Goodwill 99 cents store,,,where EVERYTHING is 99 cents except shoes…they are $1.99.

Her total cost?

.99 + .99 = $1.98

She donated the 2 cents so it was really $2.00.

Yes, I’m THAT GOOD at finding treasures at the thrift.

FYI: On Tuesdays and Thursdays this store picks a color tag to be just 49 cents! Unbelievable, I know!

Okay, let’s wrap this up.

Here are the list of thrift stores I recommend you check out when in Albuquerque.

All the Goodwills, especially the GW 99 cents store. FYI : that store is closed on Sunday and Monday.

The Animal Humane thrift store…PAWS thrift store…The Assistance League of ABQ…The Common Good thrift store…The Family Thrift Center

Honorable Mention : The Salvation Army and Thrift Town. Maybe Buffalo Exchange too.

Where is Savers in all of this, you ask? Well, the store was a bit of a mess the day we went. To the point where I took photos and sent it to the District Manager, who I know. The treasures were in ABUNDANCE though, especially if you love dresses from Banana Republic. At this store is where I found the most amazing dress for my friend to wear to an upcoming wedding she is attending in October. The dress retailed new for $100. What did SHE pay? I’m sworn to secrecy, because unlike me, she doesn’t thrift and tell…

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


Happy Hour Style

Last week we got together with two other couples and went to a Happy Hour. I decided to wear a dress I recently thrifted at Savers.

I have to admit, looking at these photos, it’s NOT the most flattering, but man, is it comfortable…

AND it has POCKETS!! The dress was a tad pricey at $6.62. The ‘shell’ necklace (which Mitch thinks is abalone and quartz) was thrifted the same day. It was $5.30. Why is thrifted jewelry so expensive?

The restaurant we went to was North Italia.

The Happy Hour specials were fantastic…a bottle of wine and a pizza for twenty bucks!

I actually had my first celebrity sighting while we were there. A guy walked by, and all I saw was the back of his head but I still recognized who he was because he has some really CRAZY hair, which he is known for.

Any guesses?


Basic Gap Skirt

I never would have thought that a basic Gap navy skirt would be SO hard to style!

I think the problem might be that it’s a paper bag waist.

What sold me on it was the price ($3.89) and of course, the POCKETS!

This is actually my second attempt at styling it and this doesn’t look that great either.

It’s definitely being donated back, unless you all can give me some styling suggestions.



Crochet Kimono

I love that I can find the latest trends at the thrift store. Take this crochet kimono for example.

This item is totally on trend! In fact, it hits TWO trends…crochet and kimonos. Now, at $58, I would never have tried this.

BUT for $3.90, I was totally willing to give it a go! #ThankYouSavers

I like how it covers my arms but I still stay cool because it’s crochet. I paired it with a $3 clearance tank (Walmart) Alex denim skirt $18 (Walmart) and my fave $8.44 mustard sandals (Walmart).

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this.

It’s not my usual style and I felt it was a little ‘costume-y.’

I for sure thought it would be a one and done item but…

I don’t hate it. So for now, it’s a keeper.

Would love to hear how YOU would style it!


Two Way Stripes

Apparently, I can’t seem to get my fill of stripes because I’m back with another look featuring that pattern.

THIS time, the stripes are red and white and come in the form of a $3.24 lightweight sweater.

The front stripes go in a different direction than the back stripes.


The necklace was given to me by my new, almost 94 year old friend, Beverly.

She used to work for a Hollywood producer and boy, does she have interesting stories!

Anyhoo, after our recent photography class, we made a TINY effort to get creative with a couple of these photos.

You’re welcome! πŸ˜‰


Throw On and Go

I’m back with another ‘throw on and go’ dress!

This one is a thrifted White House Black Market one.

I know I said I was over that brand but it was only $4.99!


I bet you would have picked it up too.


Considering its got horizontal stripes, it’s stretchy AND a tad form fitting, I’m not unhappy with how I look in it.


The side seaming in the front makes all the difference, don’t you think?

I added a vintage scarf so I would look more like a flight attendant. LOL

I like the little bit of pattern mixing it adds to the look.

With the addition of some fun sneakers…this look is cute, casual and comfortable.

Just the way I like it!


Photography Class

Recently, my husband and I took another FREE photography class at the Apple Store. It was called ‘Disrupting the Portrait’.

Basically, you shot ‘through’ things to make for a really cool photo. Once again, my husband was SUPER creative. Me, not so much.

So today features all the photos from that session. I chose to wear another $12.44 romper from Walmart.

Because it’s black, it can totally go casual OR dressy, depending on how you style it. You can see how I styled the gray one HERE.

Check out some interesting shots of the (thrifted from a long time ago) necklace.

Oh! I just noticed Mitch’s reflection in the above photo! Can you see him?

I was hoping this class would give me some insight into making my thick glasses look better in photos.

Shot in black and white, it’s not too bad, but still. #Meh

Mitch took my reflection and made it look really cool in this next photo.

Even the man teaching the class was impressed!

Of course, I still needed some ‘basic’ shots for the blog, so you could admire my outfit. πŸ˜‰

Last, but certainly not least, the photos that he shot using techniques we learned at the class.

Aren’t they cool?!


Palazzo Pants

Who doesn’t love palazzo pants?

These were originally from Macy’s (INC brand) but I scored them at Goodwill for only $3.59.

I really love the pattern/colors.

Unfortunately for me, the stretchy waistband, just wouldn’t stretch enough.

Which made the fit SUPER unflattering.

Hence the reason, I keep posing with my purse in front of me.

Seems like I’m on a roll with the unflattering looks.



Two Looks in One Day

I’m not one to switch outfits.

Okay, I just realized, that’s not true.

I get dressed everyday to go out and face the world, but the minute I get home, I put on my thrifted Soma housedress.

This post is NOT about that housedress. Just sayin’.

On any particular day, I wear something thrifted and today was no exception.

I thought I liked this $2.00 INC top I scored from Goodwill but after wearing it…

I realized how much I dislike it. It’s got an attached tank top under it, which I was constantly tugging.

I also didn’t like the handkerchief hem, so I tied it up on one side.

Nothing helped, so when I got home I changed.

Now, because we were going to the movies, I didn’t change into my housedress.

I changed into a whole other outfit with ANOTHER top that I’m not crazy about either…

BUT it was more comfortable.

How cool is my Talbot’s black crossbody bag, though?! It was totally worth the $4.99 I paid for it.

This BCX top was $3.49 and was NOT worth it.


I’ve tried to style it TWICE now and I just can’t make it work.

Do you have clothing items that just don’t work, no matter how hard you try?