You Need These Makeup Brushes

*I was sent these makeup brushes for free, to review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I love makeup.

I’ve spent a lot of money on makeup over the years…


and everything that goes along with it, including makeup brushes.

Recently, I just dropped $42.00 on ONE MAKEUP BRUSH. I know, I know…crazy, right!

Well, I am here to tell you that THESE makeup brushes from FANTCEN are #BeyondFAB

2017-08-24 17.57.302017-08-24 17.58.05

You get ten


TEN quality brushes for less than half of what I paid for that one brush I recently purchased.


I took all ten brushes out for a test drive and they did a fabulous job.

2017-08-25 10.29.33

Let’s break it down…

First, the carrying case is leather.


The makeup brushes themselves are made with a wooden handle and synthetic bristles and have a nice weight to them. Oh, and they are SUPER soft, too! They are made just as good, if not better than the $42.00 brush I bought. Actually, I would have to say this brush set IS better! None of the bristles came off when I was applying my makeup, NOR did they come out when I washed the brushes.

I like how this brush set came with a guide on what each brush was designed for. I used some of the brushes how they suggested and then I went rogue on the rest. 😉

Here were my fave brushes out of the set.

2017-08-25 09.21.46

This flat top brush did a fantastic job applying my foundation.


2017-08-25 09.30.56

You all know how I like my highlight!


2017-08-25 09.29.33

Great blush brush!


2017-08-25 09.36.43

THIS brush did THE.BEST.JOB. applying my MAC paint pot!


If you are looking for some good quality makeup brushes

2017-08-25 10.27.27

then this FANTCEN makeup brush set is for you!!


*Should you click on a link and make a purchase, there is a chance I will receive a small stipend.


Dog Days of Summer

I climbed through a doggy door and was rewarded with this WHBM skirt ($3.50).

2017-08-09 10.35.49



Did you notice that I’m wearing the bib necklace again?

This time I DID pair it with a plain black tee (Walmart $2.97) and my cat, Cupcake.

2017-08-09 10.35.33


And who could forget my dog, Miss Oreo!

2017-08-09 10.36.19


Who’s a pretty girl?

2017-08-17 18.28.51

She is!


Bib Necklace

I actually own two bib necklaces, both of which were purchased from the Dress for Success shopping events here in Vegas.

Remember this one?

2016-05-18 12.11.07 copy


I think they are really cute but I don’t reach for them that often. In fact this next one, I have owned for over a year before I finally got around to wearing it! I don’t feel that bad because each one only cost $4.00.


2017-07-28 11.50.44


2017-07-28 11.50.33
Top : Old Navy           Shorts : WHBM

2017-07-28 11.51.04

Because I’m allergic to metal, I really like the fact that it’s made with a tie out of ribbon.

My first thought was to pair it with a plain black tee.


But then I spotted this striped tee in my closet…

2017-07-28 11.50.24

and this cute look was born!

Well, I thought it was cute. 😉

What Is It???

Is it a top???

2017-08-12 12.31.21


Is it a dress???

2017-08-12 12.34.12


2017-08-12 12.34.02


It’s definitely not a dress!


Perhaps it’s something in between???

2017-08-12 12.39.08

2017-08-12 12.38.46 copy



What I do know…

is that for five bucks, it’s one versatile piece of clothing!



What do YOU think it is?

Um…my husband just pointed out to me that the skirt is the same length as the ‘dress’.



On another note, check out this video my friend Makenna made. It’s the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the Savers Fashion Show/Contest!

By the way, she won second place!


And the Winner Is…

On Thursday, August 17th, 2017

AKA National Thrift Shop Day

all the participants of #SummerlinSavers first ever fashion show returned to find out who won the coveted title of Savers Most Fashionable Thrifter 2017!

Before I reveal the winner, here is a recap of all the looks.

2017-08-11 07.52.33

Okay, now that you are up to speed, let’s find out who won!


Coming in third place…

winner of a gift basket from PBS Las Vegas was :




I just found out that she works at Buffalo Exchange. No wonder she has such cool style!


Coming in second place…

winner of a $50.00 Savers Gift Card was :




I’m SUPER excited for her! BTW : I’ve totally got her hooked on thrifting now.


2017-08-17 14.11.18

Good thing she won that $50!


Coming in first place…

winner of a $100.00 Savers Gift Card and title of SMFT 2017 was :




We were all so excited that she won! She definitely deserved it!


Not to be left out, all of us were gifted a photo (in a frame from Savers, of course) from the show…PLUS the outfits we modeled on the runway!


2017-08-17 14.52.19


Congratulations to all the winners!

2017-08-17 14.21.45


Their photos are on display now, for all to see, at Summerlin Savers. 🙂

2017-08-17 14.22.36

By the way…

word on the street is that Savers will be doing this again


and yours truly will be the emcee.


Ruffle Overload

Ruffles are still trending so I thought I would try my hand at styling this Leifsdottir (sold at Anthropologie) denim ruffle skirt that I scored for eight bucks at Deseret Industries here in Vegas.

I was not successful in my styling but I thought I would share the photos anyway.



2017-07-19 12.57.55
Vintage necklace

2017-07-19 12.58.14

2017-07-19 12.57.11.jpg
ruffle top from Zara : sale $7.99

This skirt never made it out of the house.


I was afraid if I sat down, all of the buttons would pop off.

2017-07-19 12.58.06

I decided to send it off to thredup.

OMG…it’s a sixty day turnaround before they will even get to my bag!

Here’s what Tradesy is selling the same exact skirt for.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 11.34.02 AM

Ladies, if you’re a size 8, keep your eyes peeled on thredup for my skirt (if they decide to buy it)

I’m sure they will be selling it for way less.



Less Than Fifty

*Stay tuned to the end of the post for a special video!

That’s right, people…

2017-07-29 10.18.59



This cute Limited brand top

2017-07-29 10.21.54


Cost me LESS THAN 50 cents


2017-07-29 10.19.11

45 cents to be exact


Okay, I walked back 😉 to share with you the video taken at the Savers Fashion Show I emceed, recently.