Cover of a Magazine

Who would have thought that just two years into our new life here in Sun City, that we would be on the cover of a magazine and be the featured article!

Magazine cover LITS2017-07-31 15.03.412017-07-31 15.03.35

#IDid    #BucketList

I’ve managed to meet/make connections/become friends with quite a few people over that short time span. One of them happens to be Larry Jones, the content coordinator of Living in the Sun Magazine, a local publication here in Sun City. He is also a well respected realtor AND a fabulous cook!

When my husband and I first met him, the first thing I told him is how he reminded me of my brother Derrick (who passed away in 2006 at age 52) in looks AND personality. Over the course of these past two years, we have run into Larry and his lovely wife, Wendy at various functions. In June, he sent me and email, saying that he wanted to feature us in the magazine. He thought we were an interesting couple.


He had no idea what he was in for! Being a blogger, I am kinda, sorta, super picky about having control over my photos. Larry happens to be a professional photographer too, but that didn’t stop me from telling him what to do.


From the poses, to the fact that he chose to take photos outside…


My hair!!


I made suggestions (whined) the whole time but Larry took it in stride and the end results were fabulous!

I LOVE this picture!


Here are a couple of shots that didn’t make the magazine.





BTW : I’m working on crossing yet another item off my bucket list…this week!




Pom-pom’s are still a ‘thing’, right???

2017-07-05 12.29.07
Steve Madden pom-pom sandals

If it’s not, I’m bringing it back.


If you haven’t already noticed in the majority of my posts, black is my preferred color of footwear. That whole ‘pop of color’ with the shoes…that’s not really my thing.

I decided to go out of my comfort zone when I came across these sandals on a recent shoe shopping trip.


Between them being on clearance and then scoring an additional military discount on top, these $50+ shoes cost me UNDER $18.00.


I wanted them to be the star of the outfit but in a subtle way, if that makes sense.

2017-07-05 12.29.27

I thought this simple pairing of jeans and a white blouse did the trick.


Can we talk about the blouse?

2017-07-05 12.28.55

2017-07-05 12.28.27

This lightweight A.N.A. (JCP) white blouse was a FAB deal.

How good of a deal was it you ask?

A buck seventy.

Yeah, under $2.00…and it was new…with the $16.00 price tag still on it.


2017-07-05 12.28.18

I’m definitely going to get my money’s worth out of this one!


2017-07-05 12.27.51
INC Holographic Mini Bag : gift


Question of the day : What trend are you loving for Summer 2017?


That’s right…I’m extra.

Not every day but I was on this particular day.

It started with my face.

2017-06-30 12.33.25

I used not one but TWO highlighters!



2017-06-30 12.28.41

That was just the beginning…


Check out this super cute dress.

2017-06-30 12.34.25
Lucky & Coco dress : thrifted

2017-06-30 12.35.16


So much cuteness for $7.79.

2017-06-30 12.34.56

I’ve had it for awhile. I kept waffling on whether or not it was too short for me.

I decided it wasn’t and wore it out and about with the hubby, along with a recent shoe purchase.

2017-06-30 12.34.47

These shoes are comfy and totally on trend.


First stop was Petsmart, to get Miss Oreo a bath. She was NOT happy.

2017-06-30 17.51.44


But I was!

2017-06-30 17.54.10

Or was I???

As it turns out, I wasn’t.

The material of the dress lends itself to clinging. I had feared that was the case, so I took precautions and sprayed the sh@t out of it with Static Guard.

Yeah, as soon as I got out of the car, the dress was like a second skin on my behind.

I was going to have Mitch take a photo.


Along with the fact the Mitch ended up covered in dog hair, we had to go ALL.THE.WAY.BACK.HOME


…and change. Now, keep in mind, I always, ALWAYS plan my outfit the night before. I literally THREW this outfit together and I have to say, I like it!

I kept to the basics…black and white.

2017-06-30 20.02.43

While waiting for Miss Oreo, we hung out at a local casino, where I actually received a compliment on my outfit from a Millennial!



2017-06-30 20.23.19


Oh, I almost forgot to talk about my handbag! A gift from my youngest son that we scored while thrifting, the brand is Yoki (sold at Asos, I think) and was $9.99. That’s a tad pricey, but I liked the snake head clasp.

2017-06-30 12.32.50

At first, my son thought that we had found THIS bag and he was kind of freaking out…

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 8.22.56 PM

Yoki did a pretty good knock-off, don’t you think?


It can be worn several ways, including cross body.





By the time we got back home with a clean Miss Oreo…

2017-07-01 07.47.05





Question of the day : Are you #Extra? Come on now, I can’t be the only one!


Patriotic Style

Happy almost 4th of July!

Thought I would share with you my take on a patriotic outfit, which just happens to feature another cold shoulder top!


Shoulder detail


This cute little Cynthia Rowley top was a $2.00 find.



Front PatrioticBack Patriotic

It was just the right amount of red and blue to go along with these white pants…from Sam’s Club! More on these pants in an upcoming post. I wore this look to a luncheon with my fellow tappers, the Belles. I should have taken a picture because 8 out of the ten of us had on white pants!


How about this necklace though?

Necklace on

A super cool $2.50 addition to my outfit.

To add more red into the equation, I used my all time FAVE red liquid lipstick from Tarte, Cheerleader!  Today’s eyeshadow palette is from Urban Decay and I have seen it on clearance at Ulta. I used points once again to save on the $39.00 price tag.

MakeupNecklace:MakeupUD open

I liked the color scheme of this palette. It went perfect with my top. Hahaha


Question of the day : Do you ever match your eyeshadow to your top?

Oh, quick FYI for all the ladies who love clothing from The Limited. Sam’s Club has got you covered.

2017-06-23 14.59.532017-06-23 15.00.112017-06-23 14.59.56

Those blue floral ones are calling my name…

I must resist!!!


Giving You the Cold Shoulder


Giving the cold shoulderLook at me, it’s the first week of my new blog and I’m already giving you the cold shoulder. 😉


This trend has been going strong for awhile and I wanted to give it a try without spending a lot of money, in case I didn’t like it.

Full frontBack view

I invested a total of $3.00 for this trendy item.



This top, with it’s exposed shoulders, sheerness and fat friendly elastic waistband


Fat friendly

Booty shot

is perfect for my figure AND the heat here in Las Vegas!


and apparently I’m looking at my booty! I do love these Old Navy Shorts…sale priced at $12.00. Bonus: Mitch (my hubby) thinks I look sexy in this #OOTD



For the record…I wouldn’t say that I feel sexy in it. I do feel cool and comfortable though, and I love how it hides my mid section.


Question of the day : How do you feel about the cold shoulder trend? Is it for you?